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| January 22, 2019

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Google Launches its Google Wifi Devices in Ireland

John Reilly
  • On March 13, 2018

Today Google launches its Google Wifi devices in Ireland. A replacement for your existing traditional router, Google Wifi is a new type of connected system that provides aims to provide Wi-Fi coverage for your whole home. Individual units can be linked together in an expandable Wi-Fi mesh which, if done correctly, should cover your entire home, regardless of its size or shape.

Google Wifi also features intelligent software built-in which ensures that all devices using the network are always connected to the strongest signal, without the need to reconnect – even while walking around the house. The companion app, available on Android or iOS, shows you which devices are connected and how much bandwidth they’re using, letting you prioritise devices within your network. You can even limit Wi-Fi access to specified devices such as those operated by your children, pausing signal to their phones or tablets during bedtime or dinnertime, for example.



Google Wifi is compatible with all internet service providers here in Ireland, so there is no need to sign up to a new contract, upgrade your existing package, or change provider.

Google Wifi will be available for purchase from today via stores such as: Expert Electrical, Harvey Norman, Powercity, DID Electrical, Soundstore, and Currys PC World

One Google Wifi will have an RSP of €139, and a three-pack will be RSP €359.

Features of the new Google Wifi include:

The Wifi ‘Mesh’. Walls, electronics, and even furniture can degrade Wi-Fi signal, resulting in spotty connections and frustrating dead zones. Google Wifi lets you connect multiple Wifi points in different rooms throughout your home. You plug one into the modem supplied by your service provider, and connect the additional units in other rooms where they spread the signal using a technology called a ‘Wi-Fi mesh’. The result is a fast, strong signal even in the largest of homes.

Network Assist: In addition to the hardware system, Google Wifi also has software called Network Assist built in to all devices that works in the background to maximize your connection: for example by automatically placing you on the clearest Wi-Fi channel, choosing the optimal Wi-Fi band for your device, and transitioning from point to point as you walk throughout your house. It also provides helpful insights when there are simple actions you can take to improve your performance: for example, tells you if you could get faster speeds by moving a Wifi point to a new location.

Manage Your Family’s Internet Use: The Google Wifi software allows control of your Wi-Fi network. With increased visibility of your network, you can see what devices are online and how much bandwidth they’re consuming, prioritise a device for the fastest speed, and share passwords. You can also manage kids’ Wi-Fi time by pausing signal to their devices at specific times, like during bedtime or dinnertime.


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