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| June 27, 2019

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Google Home & Home Mini Now Available In Ireland

John Reilly
  • On June 19, 2018

Starting today, and after a very long wait, Google has finally made their smart home speakers, the Google Home and Google Home Mini, officially available in Ireland. Priced at €59 for the Home Mini and €149 for the larger Home, the smart speakers are also launching in Spain and Austria.

The devices will be available for purchase from Google’s Online Store along with DID Electrical, Harvey Norman, Expert Electrical and Power City.



They also announced, as part of the Irish rollout, some fun Irish ‘Easter Eggs’ such as being able to ask your Google Home:

Q: Mayo for Sam!
A: Yeah, right

Q: Isn’t there a grand stretch in the evenings?
A: Ah, sure there is, it’s mighty!

Q. ​Do you like Ireland?
A. It’s wonderful I tell ya.

Q. ​What’s the craic?
A. Whenever we hang out, the craic always hits 90
A. I’m grand, just hanging out in the cloud. Let me know if I can help you with anything.

Q. What’s your favourite limerick? / Can you tell me a limerick? / Do you know any limericks?

A. There once was a Google assistant. That was never ever too distant | It searched this and that, and chewed the fat | Unless Wifi was inconsistent

A. Limericks I know a few. Mostly about helping you | Whether it’s fun or chats, or pictures of cats | Just ask me what I can do

A. There once was a Google A.I. Always willing to try | It searched here and there, for fun facts to share | So ask anything, don’t be shy.


We were also told that numerous Irish media partners such as RTE, Newstalk and Met Eireann are on board to offer Irish users local news and weather content along with any a selection of other music and general interest media outlets being involved also. The full list is still being finalised but we’ll be sure to update this article once it is.

The Google Home Mini will also be available in 3 different non-offensive colours, Charcoal, Chalk and Coral.


The Coral Google Home Mini


For those of you who don’t know, these speakers are Google’s direct competitors to Amazon’s Echo range and Apple’s HomePod (which isn’t available yet in Ireland.)

Like the Echo range, the Google Home speakers can do a wide variety of things starting with the simple tasks such as answer general knowledge questions and set timers/alarms etc. They can also be ‘daisy-chained’ meaning you can link multiple Home devices up to stream the same song wherever you have a Home device in your house.

They’ll obviously connect and control a wide range of other third party smart devices like Philips Hue range and the Nest products and are constantly being updated to add even more compatibility features.



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