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| December 10, 2019

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REVIEW: Amazon Echo Spot

  • On June 27, 2018

I’m a huge fan of Amazon Echo devices and have several in my own home. I’ve discussed them in the past on here (and reviewed some other ones as well – links at the end of this review). I’ve been interested in the Echo Spot since it was announced to replace my bedside alarm clock and have been considering buying one for a while now. The main thing that stalled me from buying one was the fact it had a screen and I was concerned about how bright it would be in my bedroom. So when we were offered one to review I jumped at the chance to be able to check it out before I bought one.



The Echo Spot is kind of the love child of the Echo Dot and the Echo Show. It’s small and neat like the Dot but had a screen like the show. The Amazon Echo Spot is a spherical devices with a flat front where the circular screen lives. It’s a weighty device, the screen has a decent resolution and, during the day,  gets bright enough to see even in the brightest room. The interesting question that I wanted answered is how bright was it at night? Well, thankfully, with the ‘night mode’ on (I’ve set it come on from 8pm until 7am) it’s really dim. It is easy to read the time at night, but it can get so dim that when you turn a light on, the screen is hard to see. So for me, it’s perfect.



The Echo Spot is a great alarm clock, you can customise the face to how you like it (digital face vs. analogue face, including date or not and change the background image to something default or add your own custom images). There is also ‘page’ where you can swipe to see weather, usage tips  and more. There is also a little camera on the top for doing video calls with other Echo users (or Alexa app users). I’ve used this through the app with great success to talk to and see my daughter when I can’t get home in time. The quality is really good. I know there are privacy concerns with having a camera in the bedroom like that, but there is a menu option in the system to disable the camera if required.

The speaker is also notably better on the Spot than on the Dot. It’s nowhere near as good as a full Echo, but it’s much louder and has a bit of bass compared to the Echo Dot. The screen on the Echo Spot can also be used to play videos, you can ask Alexa to play a video and she’s search Bing and it works pretty well.

Over all, I’m really impressed with the Echo Spot. I can see how it makes a great bedside alarm clock, but can also see how it could be used in, say a kitchen, for when you ask for a recipe, it will show you the text on screen as well as read it out to you.



I for one will be going out and buying a Spot now the review period for the Echo Spot is over and I can highly recommend it. The Amazon Echo Spot is available in Black or White and is available now from for £119 or in store at Currys PCWorld for €144.

You can check out our review of the Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) Here – –  and we also covered using an Amazon Echo device to control lights and heating during our Hive System reivew here –

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Very Good

The Amazon Echo Spot is an impressive piece of kit and a great addition to both the Amazon Echo line and any smart home tech collection.


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