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| June 26, 2019

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Apple unveil THREE new iPhones & Apple Watch Series 4

John Reilly
  • On September 12, 2018

Today, at their annual iPhone event in San Francisco, Apple have intro’d 3 new smartphones and a new Apple Watch with the brand new iPhone XS (10S) and XS Max (10S Max) the flagship announcements from the show. These new devices, along with a cheaper iPhone XR model, are all following on from last year’s wildly expensive yet wildly popular iPhone X in terms of screen design with the return of the infamous notch. We also got to see a brand new Apple Watch with larger and higher resolution display. Below, we break down the new devices and their key specs.


3 New iPhones – iPhone XR, XS & XS Max

To start, the new iPhone XR is the cheapest of the 3 new handsets and is targeted at those who just aren’t willing to, or can’t afford to, pay the exorbitant prices for Apple’s flagship smartphones.



It manages to keep its costs low by going with an LCD ‘Liquid Retina’ 6.1″ panel, like previous iPhone models (excluding last year’s iPhone X) and it will also have the same ‘edge to edge’ screen with the Face ID notch we all love/hate. It also has the new A12 Bionic chip, just like the new XS and XS Max phones. The camera is a single lens 12MP wide angle shooter with OIS and f1.8.

It will come in 6 different colours and will have a starting price of $749 and will start shipping on October 26th.

Now, on to the handsets which most die-hard Apple addicts will want top get their hands on. The new iPhone XS and XS Max. These are direct successors to last year’s iPhone X and have all the improved specs you’d come to expect from Apple’s annual upgrades to its processors, cameras etc.



The iPhone XS can be seen as an iterative upgrade over last year’s X in terms of hardware with the same sized 5.8″ display but the software is where most of the advancements have been made.

The cameras have also been upgraded also with OIS on-board and improved sensors on both the front and back cameras. They’ve also added ‘Smart HDR’ to ensure you can capture good photos in high contrast environments.

The larger XS Max has a massive 6.5″ ‘Super Retina’ HDR OLED display with improved colour accuracy.

Running the latest version of iOS, iOS 12, with the new ‘A12 Bionic’ 7 nanometer chip, the new handsets can do a whole load of tricks that Apple hope will warrant their eye-watering price-tags. They will both have different storage options with a huge 512GB storage option on both models

Pre-orders start September 14th with the devices arriving September 21st and the iPhone XS will cost $999 while the iPhone Xs Max will come in at $1099.



Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch is hands down the most successful smartwatch line on the planet and, with the newly designed Apple Watch Series 4, Apple are keen to keep a hold of this lead. The new watch has a vastly improved display over its predecessors, both in physical size and also resolution, and the overall size of the watch’s body has been reduced. The new display is over 30% larger than Series 3 and now sits better into the overall form of the device.



The digital crown now also has haptic feedback for better scrolling and the new speaker is 50% louder. They’ve also moved the microphone to the opposite side of the watch to reduce echo.

The new S4 chip under the hood is said to offer performance that is twice as fast as the Series 3 watches. The new watches can also “identify a fall” to allow your watch to call emergency services if it detects that you haven’t moved for over 1 minute which is a pretty obscure yet well thought-out feature.

The new Apple Watch Series 4 will arrive September 21st starting at $399 and Watch OS 5 will be available on September 17th.



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