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| November 12, 2019

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AboutJohn Reilly

John Reilly

John Reilly

John is Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TheEffect.Net. His favourite gaming series is Uncharted and his favourite film is Interstellar. He is also known to quote 'Father Ted' and Keith Lemon more than is normal.

Posts By John Reilly

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa Review

August 7, 2013 |

Ah haaa! You’re about to enter the world of radio presenter Alan Partridge. He is 55, presents on North Norfolk Digital, has a long suffering personal assistant called Lynn Benfield whom he frequently humiliates and is about to become a hero.

Read More

Next Gen Tomb Raider Sequel Confirmed by Square CEO

August 1, 2013 |

Phil Rogers, Square Enix CEO for the Americas and Europe has confirmed that the next instalment in the latest Tomb Raider reboot is “well into development.” This is great news as we were huge fans of the first game and … Read More

Toshiba Announces Brand New Range of 3D and LED Smart TV’s

July 31, 2013 |

Toshiba Ireland have just announced their new range of Smart TV’s – 4 & 6, 7 and 9 series with some very cool functions and features.

4 and 6 Series

Each series features access to Toshiba’s new Cloud TV service … Read More

Is This The Ultimate Gaming Rig? (Video)

July 29, 2013 |

So if your in the market to upgrade your old 22″ CRT TV and have $17,000 dollars burning a whole in your pocket, this might be just the system for you. Consisting of not one, but three 4K TVs and … Read More

Breaking Bad’s Finale Episodes Coming Exclusively to Netflix in the UK & Ireland

July 26, 2013 |

Great news for all you Breaking Bad fans out there, starting August 12th, and every Monday after that, Netflix will begin to have the latest episodes of the show so us here in the UK and Ireland will almost be … Read More

WATCH LIVE: Google’s Breakfast Event at 5p.m: Android 4.3 and new Nexus 7 on the cards!

July 24, 2013 |

Google have asked the press to attend an event hosted by Android and Chrome boss Sundar Pichai in San Francisco today. If recent leaks are anything to go by, we can see Mr. Pichai use this event to announce the … Read More

The Evolution of Wolverine: 1974 to Present Day

July 20, 2013 |

Wolverine. Probably one of the most iconic Marvel creations to ever grace the page of a comic book has a long lineage to his modern day appearance.

Thanks to this really cool infographic from the guys over at, we … Read More

HTC One Mini is now official!

July 18, 2013 |

Well all of the rumours were true, HTC have just announced the HTC One Mini. Which is basically the well loved HTC One in a more hand-friendly size. This little beauty can be seen to be direct competition for Samsung’s … Read More

Monster Announce New DNA Headphones

July 17, 2013 |

Monster, the company that engineered the sound of Beats by Dr. Dre, have just announced their latest product range, Monster DNA heaphones. The stylish headphones are said to be quite robust and able to take a knock and in today’s … Read More

Need for Speed: Most Wanted Coming to PS Plus this August + More

July 17, 2013 |

SCEE, or Sony Computer Entertainment Europe if you don’t like abbreviations has just announced it’s August line-up for Playstation Plus on the PS3 and PS Vita, and boy is it a line up!

To start, for the PS3 owners, … Read More