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| August 21, 2019

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OUYA gets Nintendo 64, SNES And NES Emulation

March 25, 2013 |

As if the OUYA couldn’t get any more ‘want-able’, I see this online today! While the original content support for the OUYA is amazing and there’s some great games coming to the little system, it looks like you’ll be able … Read More

Battlefield 4 Teases Naval Warfare

March 21, 2013 |

We hope you like the sea, as the first official teaser for Battlefield 4 gives us no doubt that the series is headed back to (proper) naval warfare.

More will be revealed on March 27th, but GameStop’s CEO has already seen the … Read More

SimCity Mayors, EA Want To Give You a Free Game

March 20, 2013 |

Whether you’ve been enjoying SimCity without any problems for the last few weeks or you’ve been cursing EA and Maxis while Origin throws server errors at you, EA want to give you a free game.

In order to apologize for … Read More

John Riccitiello Steps Down as CEO of EA – Updated

March 18, 2013 |

Update -The Wall Street Journal has gotten hold of Riccitiello’s resignation letter which we’ve re-posted below.

John Riccitiello has stepped down as the CEO of Electronic Arts and will be replaced by former EA CEO Larry Probst until a permanent replacement … Read More

Saints Row IV Announced

March 15, 2013 |

Rising from the ashes of the massive THQ sell off a few weeks ago, Deep Solver and Volition have announced Saints Rw IV*, which is set to be the climactic (aka final) game in the series.

It looks as crazy and … Read More

SimCity Review

March 14, 2013 | 1

Is has been ten years since the last ‘proper’ Sim City title, (Social and Societies were more spin-offs than sequels) and the latest in the grandfather of city-builders has had a rough beginning to say the least.

Plagued with … Read More

Halo 4 “Castle Map Pack” DLC Landing On 8th April – Here’s All The Details

March 12, 2013 |

Today 343 has announced the 3rd DLC drop for Halo 4 – the “Castle map pack”. The latest DLC pack contains some nice objective-based multiplayer, large-scale maps, and even see’s over-the-top vehicular combat return to Halo 4.

The DLC features 3 “medium-to-large” … Read More

Ooops Danish TV Uses “Assassin’s Creed” Pic in Syrian Story

March 11, 2013 |

Okay so it’s happened again!

Even after the BBC used the Halo logo instead of the UN’s and then ITV used footage of ArmA 2 instead of stock war footage… A Danish news report has gone and used an image … Read More

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Interview

March 8, 2013 |


We recently got the chance to talk with Brent Nielsen, Executive Producer of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 at EA Tiburon. Here’s what he had to say about the upcoming EA Sports title.

TE.N: For those who have … Read More

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Announced But Will It Hold Up?

March 5, 2013 |

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was announced yesterday to much fanfare and while it may have been the worst kept secret since Bungie’s Destiny, the latest in the line of Assassin’s Creed games in six years still arrived with a big bang … Read More