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| December 6, 2019

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REVIEW: Anthem

March 5, 2019 |

With all the noise around the staggered launch and roll-out of accessibility to Bioware’s newest RPG, we decided to let the dust settle on Anthem. First things first, as I’m sure  many of you will know, Anthem has gotten off to … Read More

PREVIEW: Anthem Demos 1 & 2 – TheEffect.Net’s Thoughts Ahead Of The Release

February 13, 2019 |

My thoughts…

Anthem is the first major online multiplayer game from studio BioWare, of Mass Effect and Dragon Age fame, a shooter that falls roughly in the vein of The Division and Destiny. Set in a sci-fi world overrun with … Read More

WATCH: 19 Minutes of Anthem Gameplay in 4K

July 7, 2018 |

Bioware has just dropped a fantastic new gameplay video for their upcoming AAA title, Anthem. The game’s Lead Producer Ben Irving takes us through a 19-minute Anthem gameplay demonstration, originally shown at the E3 hands-on showcase. The video reveals more … Read More

REVIEW: Mass Effect: Andromeda

April 24, 2017 |

When is a prequel not a prequel? When it takes place 600 years in the future. That’s the rather unusual set-up of Mass Effect: Andromeda, a game that shares a universe with the Mass Effect trilogy, but forges its own … Read More

Dragon Age Inquisition – The best game of 2014?

January 8, 2015 |

How would you describe a great video game in 2014?

Personally, I would describe it as follows;

A great video game is one that you can think about even when you’re not playing it. A great video game is flawed … Read More

EA @ E3 2014: Everything You Need To See & Know

June 12, 2014 |

Electronic Arts (EA) press conference at the E3 2014 conference took place this week and they wasted no time, getting right into the action with…

EA CEO Andrew Wilson hit the stage and he teased Dragon Age: Inquisition, the next … Read More

What if Game Developers Were Noble Houses in Game of Thrones?

June 20, 2013 |

Game of Thrones has yet to have a decent official video game adaptation, but if popular game developers were in the show as great and powerful Houses, who would be who?

Thankfully that burning question has been answered by GameFront, … Read More