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LUMIX TZ40 is Panasonic’s latest hybrid compact announced at CES – it has a 20x Optical Zoom, 50p HD video recording and integrated Wi-Fi. Here is the official press release for the new camera:

The new LUMIX DMC-TZ40 is Panasonic’s most advanced photo and video hybrid compact camera to date. With exceptional image quality and a host of features, including a 20x Optical Zoom, 50p Full HD video recording and Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s ideal for those looking for a camera that ticks all the boxes, without compromise.

Wherever you are in the world, the LUMIX TZ40 – one of the world’s slimmest 20x Optical Zoom digital compact cameras – is perfect for documenting any moment.

All round performance

The LUMIX TZ40 is packed with a whole range of features that provide outstanding performance in every environment. No matter what time of the day or night, the camera guarantees outstanding results due to the 24mm Ultra Wide Angle LEICA DC lens and 20x Optical Zoom.

Whether using the TZ40 at dawn, dusk or in the midday sun, an improved 18.1 megapixel, high sensitivity MOS Sensor and new Venus Engine ensure crystal clear images in any condition. Similarly, if it is moving images that you are after, the TZ40’s Full HD AVCHD video recording capability and stereo microphone provides uncompromising quality.

Remote controlled view finding, easy uploads and sharing

The integrated Wi-Fi of the LUMIX DMC-TZ40 is simple to set up and opens a world of new possibilities. By making use of this new feature and wirelessly connecting your camera to a mobile device or smartphone, you can now fully control your photography remotely. With the TZ40’s remote shooting capability, the days of setting up a timed image of you and your family and hoping for the best are over.  After starting the LUMIX App on your Smartphone or tablet you can transform the device’s screen into a real-time viewfinder and control the camera’s zoom and shutter directly from the device, ensuring that you can get into that ideal photo-ready position before using the remote shutter release for that perfect holiday picture. The TZ40’s Wi-Fi capability also means that you can share your pictures and movies with friends and family instantly, without having to first upload them to a computer.

There’s no need to worry about running out of storage space either. The TZ40 allows you to easily save photos and videos to the cloud with the LUMIX Club Cloud Sync service.  Furthermore with a new NFC capability, connecting the TZ40 to a Wi-Fi connection couldn’t be easier.  One simple tap and the camera will recognise the settings of your internet enabled device allowing you to save, send and share.

Effortless perfection with innovative and intelligent modes

The TZ40’s intuitive and easy-to-use features allow everyone to take exceptional photos and movies. Whether you have years of experience or are completely new to photography, with the TZ40 you can achieve stunning shots thanks to a wide range of innovative modes such as soft focus or toy effect.

The new 5 Axis correction and inclination correction capability counteracts any tilt or handshake. Whether you find yourself wandering through a bustling foreign city or travelling along a bumpy road in the middle of nowhere, you can be certain of perfect quality video. Similarly, thanks to the camera’s Light Speed AF, which achieves focus in just 0.1 seconds, you can capture incredible quality images in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, with 10fps (Frames Per Second) continuous shooting at the touch of a button, you can capture and review a selection of shots, choosing the one you like best.

The TZ40 also provides Intelligent Auto features, including Face Recognition that remembers your friends and family and adjusts the camera’s settings accordingly. No matter what the world throws at you, the TZ40 is designed to do the hard work for you and ensure that you get that perfect shot every time.

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 Be creative

Every moment is unique and the TZ40 allows your photography to be as well, thanks to a wide range of creative modes. Whether you want to take stunning panoramic shots or retouch your photos on the move, there is something to suit every style.  The High Dynamic Range feature allows you to capture natural looking images automatically, even when shooting against the light, while the High Speed Video mode lets you add artistic flair to your movies by enabling super slow-motion recording.

Instinctive photography perfected

Mark Robinson, Head of Imaging, Panasonic UK, comments: “We think the LUMIX TZ40 is the best all-round compact camera available. In any environment, the TZ40 is capable of capturing those special moments easily and with exceptional quality. The Wi-Fi capability of the camera also means that users can now save and share these amazing memories with family more easily than ever before. Whether new to photography or a seasoned professional, the TZ40 is the ideal compact option for all standards of photographer.”

 Key features:

·         Uncompromising quality: An incredible 20x Optical Zoom lets you get up close and personal every time, anda 24mm Ultra Wide Angle LEICA DC lens, renowned for its exceptional quality, means every detail of those special moments is captured.

·         Control, save and share: The new Wi-Fi capability of the TZ40means that you have complete remote control of your camera to make sure you capture that perfect shot. You can also share and save your pictures and movies easier than ever with a simple tap of the camera or click of a button.

·         Stunning results in every environment: The new 18.1-megapixel high sensitivity MOS Sensor provides amazing image quality even in low light conditions and the improved POWER O.I.S and 5 Axis correction capability helps prevent tilt and handshake even when using high powered zoom.

·         Let high quality movies tell the story of your life: 1920x 1080 50p Full HD AVCHD video recording and a stereo microphone allow you to shoot the highest quality movies.

·         Instinctive photography: Thanks to the TZ40’s Auto Focus speed of just 0.1 seconds you can capture fast moving objects with clear precision, and the 10fps Continuous Shoot Mode will help you achieve action shots in high resolution with just one click.

·         Record special moments wherever you are: The enhanced GPS functionality, including compass and levels meter, allows you to automatically record your location and view the map and associated photos directly on your camera.

·         Stay in control: The TZ40’s versatile controls allow you to take shots the way you want to – shoot with the camera’s button system or use its intuitive 920k, three inch wide angle LCD touch screen with sensitive touch.

·         Showcase the world as you see it: The new High Dynamic Range feature means natural images can be captured automatically even when shooting against the light and the Panoramic Shot mode enables you to take stunning panoramic shots just by swivelling the camera.

·         Brilliant battery life: Improved battery life means that you can now get more out of your camera for longer.

·         Add your own personal touch: The Creative Control / Retouch feature includes many creative modes such as soft focus, toy effect and retro. Meanwhile, the High Speed Video mode lets you capture super slow-motion videos.

 RRP: Price TBC February 2013 available from Panasonic stockists nationwide.

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