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Here’s some nice new camcorders from Panasonic! We’ll be reviewing them shortly so if you’ve any questions about them get in touch and we’ll be sure to answer them!

Continuing to push the boundaries, Panasonic is pleased to introduce three new models to its award winning range of HD camcorders. Utilising Panasonic’s extensive imaging expertise, these new additions offer superb image quality, ease of use and a multitude of features to ensure consumers can capture the moments that matter. Catering for different needs and requirements, Panasonic’s new line up leads the way.

Leading the Pack – the HC-V720

Boasting a newlydeveloped New High Sensitivity Sensor, the HC- V720 captures beautifully, stunning images even in dim light situations. Also featuring a 28mm wide angle lens, 50x Intelligent Zoom and built in Wi-Fi – this stylish camcorder is packed with the very latest technology.

High-Quality Images Even in Dim Lighting Situations

Filmworthy moments don’t just happen during the day, in beautiful natural light – they happen at any time and users want a camcorder they can rely on to capture footage day or night. No problems with the HC-V720 thanks to the combination of the newly developed New High Sensitivity Sensor and the Crystal Engine PRO. With its superb noise reduction performance the V720 records bright, high-quality, and low-noise images in both light and dim lighting situations. Beautiful images can be recorded under a variety of situations, including indoor shooting and night scenery shooting. Still images are also catered for with 20.4 megapixel still picture recording.

Shoot Wide, Shoot Far and Shoot Level

With a 28mm wide angle and Intelligent 50x zoom, the wide shooting range expands the breadth of photographic expression, extending from 28mm wide angle to Intelligent 50x zooming. This makes it possible to capture everything from panoramic scenery to telephoto images for obtaining dynamic images of subjects at a distance.

The new Panasonic model is also equipped with Level Shot, in addition to the 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S. that thoroughly suppresses blurring over the entire shooting range. Level Shot automatically detects and corrects the tilting of captured images. It records crisp, clear images that are blur-less and perfectly horizontal even if when shooting in an unstable or awkward position such as low-angle or high-angle shooting.

Built-in Wi-Fi Functions

Fully technically specified, the new addition has built in Wi-Fi so users can effortlessly shoot, view and share footage. The Wi-Fi function enables real-time broadcasting of important events via Ustream, while recording in Full-HD. This lets users deliver live images to people with Internet access around the world. There is also a function to send e-mail to notify the start of streaming to preregistered e-mail addresses.

The HC-V720 supports NFC (Near Field Communication) to achieve one-touch connection with a smartphone[1]. There is no need for cumbersome settings. Once a smartphone is connected, it can be used to remotely check audio recording, zoom In/Out, shutter ON/OFF and other functions while viewing the live image. Pretty smart!

Sharing footage is a breeze whether it’s at home or away – the new V720 allows users to view their footage with ease. For example, the built in Wi-Fi also enables auto highlight editing & uploading to SNS by a smartphone right after shooting – perfect for sharing footage on the move. Additionally, an Access Point at Home can be used to transfer data wirelessly to the TV or a tablet in the living room, kitchen or other rooms in the home and play back images on the large-screen TV – perfect for sharing footage at home.

Remote video recording is effortless thanks to the Home Monitoring feature that lets users check on pets or family at home from the outside. They can even talk to their family while viewing them on the screen, and record images remotely from a smartphone.

Packed full of features, whilst offering superb image quality even in low light, Panasonic’s V720 is an attractive proposition. Not forgetting the 5.1ch Surround, Zoom and Focus Microphone and the New Wind Noise Canceller – the V720 really does have every angle covered.

RRP: €669.99, available from Panasonic stockists nationwide

Meet the new HC-V520

The slim size of the HC-V520 belies its wealth of features and technical specification. Boasting an incredibly long Intelligent 80x Zoom, a multitude of user friendly features and offering excellent picture quality, the new additions are perfect for those lookingfor an easy to operate model with extra portability.

Intelligent 80x Zoom – Zoom at your Leisure

Astonishingly powerful, this new addition is equipped with an Intelligent 80x Zoom/Optical 50x Zoom – so powerful it can even capture the images of craters on the moon in Full-HD image quality! While this may not be something they’re often used for, you can rest assure the V520 let users easily shoot distant subjects that are too far away to capture clearly with conventional zoom devices.

Go from an Ultra Wide 28mm shot to a zoomed in detail with the 50x zooming

The wide shooting range expands the breadth of photographic expression, extending from 28mm wide angle to Optical 50x zooming. This makes it possible to capture everything from panoramic scenery to telephoto images for obtaining dynamic images of subjects at a distance in exceptional quality.

Keep it Steady with 5-Axis HYBRID O.I.S. + and Level Shot

As featured in the V720, the V520 features the 5-Axis Hybrid O.I.S. that thoroughly suppresses blurring over the entire shooting range and the Level Shot feature that takes balanced, horizontal videos even if the camcorder is tilted at the time of filming.

Shoot Still Images

The BSI Sensor has improved high sensitivity performance to record easy-to-see, clear images even in dimly lit situations. Still pictures can be recorded in high, 10-megapixel resolution.

The HX-V520 Offers Built in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Connection)

Again like the V720, the V520 offers built in Wi-Fi for extra convenience shooting, viewing and sharing images. Supporting NFC (Near Filed Connection), the V520 also achieves one-touch connection with a smartphone, ensuring users can easily enjoy and explore the many Wi-Fi enabled features such as remote shooting, highlight playback, home monitoring and remote video recording to name but a few.

RRP: €519.99, available from Panasonic stockists nationwide

Introducing the HC-V210

The lightweight and compact V210 packs a lot into a small package, while providing a full 135 minutes of recording time[2] for high quality Full-HD recording. With its portable dimensions users, yet powerful Intelligent 72x Zoom, the V210 is set to be a firm favourite.

Intelligent 72x Zoom with POWER O.I.S. – yet only a mere 187g in weight The HC-V210 enables ultra-telephoto Intelligent 72x zoom shooting – a feature point in itself, yet goes one step further to offer this powerful zoom within a compact body, making it ideal to carry around and capture moments with ease. Weighing in at a mere 187g, the lightweight and compact V210 belies its technological prowess. The new model is also equipped with POWER O.I.S. that eliminates blurring without any degradation in image quality. As a result, the original image quality captured by the lens remains intact, all the way from wide-angle to powerful zoom.

135 Minutes Long-Time Recording[3]

Designed with users in mind, the HC-V210 achieves low power consumption, supporting continuously recording for up to 135 minutes. This allows the user to record without worrying about the remaining battery power – a benefit users will particularly appreciate when it’s difficult to charge the battery, such as on a holiday excursion.

32.3mm Wide-Angle, Bright F1.8 Lens

The 32.3mm wide-angle lens will fit an expansive landscape or a large group of people into the frame. This lens boasts F1.8 brightness to allow shooting in dim lighting situations.

Still Images Too

The BSI Sensor enables shooting in dim lighting situations and records smooth, high-resolution images in Full-HD 1920 x 1080/60p. Still pictures are recorded with 10 megapixels. Users can choose to shoot high-quality still pictures or record motion images to suit specific situations.

Panasonic’s new range of HD camcorders provides the very latest in technological advancements, ensuring users are up-to-date and fully equipped to capture the moments that matter. The new models are available from,

RRP: €359.99, available from Panasonic stockists nationwide

In addition to the HC-V720, HC-V520 and HC-V510, Panasonic is pleased to introduce new 3MOS semi-professional HD camcorders, reinforcing its market leading position in high definition camcorders.

Introducing the HC-X920 3MOS HD Camcorder

Equipped with the New 3MOS System PRO, the HC-X920 uses the BSI (Back Side Illumination) Sensor to enhance the three MOS sensors for excellent shooting performance even in dim lighting situations. With top line features including an Intelligent 25x Zoom, 29.8mm wide angle lens, built in Wi-Fi and manual ring provided – the flagship X920 leads the way.

RRP: €1159.99, available from Panasonic stockists nationwide

[1] NFC Compatible smartphone

2 135 minutes of recording time with a fully charged battery (HG mode) in NTSC areas. 150 minutes in PAL areas.

3 135 minutes of recording time with a fully charged battery (HG mode) in NTSC areas. 150 minutes in PAL areas.

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