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Panasonic has just unveiled a new wearable Full-HD camcorder that can be attached to your head to free up your hands for all your adventuring and sporting needs. It’s got built in Wifi to work with Panasonic’s iOS and Android connectivity apps and is also dust and water proof! It is a cool looking piece of kit as well! Click the link below for the full press release:

[showhide type=”pressrelease” more_text=”Show Press Release” less_text=”Hide Press Release” hidden=”yes”] [showhide]The HX-A100: Point-of-view, hands-free camcorder for users with active lifestyles

Panasonic is pleased to announce the HX-A100 hands-free Wearable Camcorder, designed to let users easily capture and share their everyday adventures.

Designed for hands-free comfort

The compact, lightweight design of the A100 makes it comfortable to wear and by setting the camera on the included Earhook, users can enjoy hands-free shooting without a helmet. For those who would prefer to mount the camera to a helmet or backpack a Multi-Mount option is available. Furthermore, the waterproof design enables even greater shooting freedom in situations where the camera might get wet.

Share images with ease

Another feature of the camera is its built-in Wi-Fi functions, which allows users to broadcast live video with simultaneous Full-HD recording. It also makes it easy to upload recorded images to social networking sites using a mobile device or tablet.

Image quality that punches above its weight

Despite its compact size and lightweight design, the HX-A100 achieves excellent image quality. Featuring a host of image-enhancing technologies, including a bright F2.5 lens, a BSI Sensor and Advanced Image Processing LSI, this wearable camera captures clear, low-noise images in both bright and dim lighting situations. It also minimizes shooting mistakes, with an Image Stabilizer to suppress blurring, and a Level Shot function to automatically correct tilted images.

Capitalising on Panasonic’s long camcorder history

The HX-A100 also offers a large number of advantages resulting from Panasonic’s long history of camcorder development. This is what makes it possible to shoot and share images with the user’s precise line-of-sight perspective for special events, sports activities and everyday situations.

RRP: Price TBC, available April 2013 from Panasonic stockists nationwide.[/showhide]



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