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| April 19, 2021

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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Temple Run Finally Reaches Windows Phone Alongside Gravity Guy 2

March 31, 2013 |

Massively popular iOS game Temple Run is finally available on Windows Phone, a mere 18 months after it originally launched on iOS.

Unfortunately the game doesn’t take advantage of the Xbox for Windows Phone feature so there’s no achievement support. … Read More

Gizoogle Up In This Joint!

March 29, 2013 |

Yo ass should all head ta if yo ass is lookin fo’ a phat laugh!

Yeah…we don’t quite understand it either, but we’ve just come across Gizoogle – a cool tool that translates any text or website you want … Read More

Hawken Review: Multiplayer, Mechs & Big Ass Guns

March 29, 2013 |

So at time of writing this, it should be known that we had access to the open beta version of Hawken. The final release of the game isn’t due for final release later this year. I’ll come back and update this review … Read More

Newest World War Z Trailer Shows Brad Pitt Saving the World

March 28, 2013 | 1

World War Z is one my favourite books of all time and it’s fair to say that I’ve been watching the development of the movie anxiously, hoping that it can do justice to Max Brooks’ amazing apocalyptic novel.

While the … Read More

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Review

March 28, 2013 |

In an age were the words ‘gritty’ and ‘realism’ are so over used it’s surprising they don’t disintegrate in on top of themselves, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is a welcome release to the somber array of in your face … Read More

Metal Gear Solid V Trailer

March 28, 2013 |

Metal Gear Solid 5 was announced by Hideo Kojima himself at the GDC 2013 yesterday. So, it turns out that Metal Gear Ground Zeroes and “The Phantom Pain” are Metal Gear Solid 5. It’s coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, … Read More

Sunsets, SCUBA & Guns – All-New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Released

March 28, 2013 |

Looking for a holiday to escape the snow? Have you considered Grand Theft Auto V, Los Santos?

The guys over at Rockstar Newswire today released some more screenshots of the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. The screens really show off size … Read More

Somersby Cider Ad…

March 27, 2013 |

What? An advert for cider on here? Yep… I saw this earlier and thought it was brilliant and aimed right at the smartphone users / geek market! It’s for a cider called Somersby (made by Carlsberg). I’ve not seen this … Read More

Stadium in US to Introduce Urinal Gaming

March 27, 2013 |

Hands-free gaming is evolving and now available in the bathroom. And no not your tablet and yes, guys, it’s exactly what you’re picturing.

ESPN posted some amazing details of new urinal gaming stations are being installed at the men’s room in … Read More

The Wolverine is Here – The First Trailer Arrives

March 27, 2013 |

After a week of teasing us like little kids with posters, a Vine trailer, teasing snippets – Marvel have finally released the full trailer for upcoming superhero sequel, The Wolverine.

I have to say that by the look of the … Read More