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Having recently announced their latest range of plasma screens for Europe, Panasonic have now just announced their full line-up of LED/LCD Viera screens for Europe also. As I mentioned in the previous post about the plasma screens, I managed to get an ‘eyes-on’ with these TV’s when I attended Panasonic’s European Convention last month and I must admit, the LED/LCD range of Viera screens really were spectacular to look at with some really interesting and clever features such as facial and speech recognition. Click the link below for the full press release.

[showhide type=”pressrelease” more_text=”Show Press Release” less_text=”Hide Press Release” hidden=”yes”] Panasonic Unveils 2013 LED/LCD VIERA Line-up for Europe

All-LED line-up provides the simplest and most personalized Smart TV experience with expanded VIERA Connect, improved picture quality, increased connectivity and cutting-edge design

Panasonic has unveiled its new European 2013 lineup of Smart VIERA LED/LCD HDTVs, redefining home entertainment with advanced customisation features to provide a TV experience where everything you love is in one place. The 2013 Smart VIERA LED/LCD product line achieves the ultimate in advanced design with outstanding picture quality, easy operation and enhanced connectivity and efficiency.

Panasonic’s 2013 Smart VIERA LED/LCD TVs combine the best of internet and broadcast TV, content, social networks and apps to provide you with quick and easy access to all the things you love. The new Smart VIERA range even lets you express yourself by easily customising your very own home screen, populated with up to eleven of your favourite apps, features and services.

With 28 models in nine new series – including the flagship WT60 and DT60 models – the 2013 overall VIERA LED/LCD lineup features screen sizes ranging from 19-inch to 60-inch. For 2013, all Panasonic VIERA LCD models are LED.

The 2013 VIERA LED/LCD line-up is built around five key pillars of development:

1. Picture Quality

Panasonic’s new Smart VIERA IPS LED TVs are highly efficient when delivering ultra-smooth motion and wide viewing angles. These technological advances mean you will be fully immersed in a whole new world of entertainment – in either 2D or 3D:

The next generation of LED performance: Panasonic’s enhanced IPS Panel technology delivers advanced wide viewing angles with almost no picture degradation. Backlight scanning technology and an improved contrast ratio with finer local dimming control means you’ll get crisp, superior picture quality with improved colour accuracy. The super high speed 3600 Hz Back Light Scanning (BLS) technology reduces motion blur and loss of detail in fast-moving images, ensuring vivid and true-to-life picture quality.
Super high speed scanning: Panasonic has increased the scanning rate of its flagship IPS LED TVs to 3600 Hz – made possible through a combination of frame interpolation, up to 16-phase backlight scanning, black frame insertion, and faster image writing and scanning. The result is crisper, clearer, and smoother motion reproduction.
Advanced Wide Viewing Angle: 2013 Panasonic LED TVs use IPS panel design and special phase filters[1] so they can be watched from wider viewing angles than normal without losing colour, brightness or contrast.
Enhanced contrast: Panasonic IPS LED TVs use two key technologies to enhance contrast. Local dimming allows up to 16 picture zones which receive their own individual light levels, while new gamma control continually optimises the gradation range for different parts of the picture, so that deep black colours can be reproduced without losing shadow detail.

2. Easy Operation

Panasonic’s 2013 Smart VIERA LED/LCD line-up is designed to ensure the Smart TV experience is as simple as possible, while at the same time allowing for you and the members of your family to express yourselves by personalising your very own home screens. Innovations for 2013 include:

my Home Screen: An innovative new personalisation function that allows each user in the home to express themselves by creating their very own home screen, giving quick access to their favourite content. “my Home Screen” can be totally customised so that all the things you love are in one place, from your favourite widgets to the background image taken with your LUMIX camera. To make it even more personal to you, the smart and friendly Face Recognition functionality will now automatically recognise you through an in-built camera[2], and bring up your own personalised Home Screen.
Swipe & Share 2.0: The 2013 line-up also features Swipe & Share 2.0, a connectivity enhancement that transforms the TV into a hub for streaming and sharing photo and video content seamlessly with your smartphone and tablet devices. Users can transfer personal photos and videos from their Android or iOS devices directly to the large screen with a simple swipe of the finger, transfer them back to their smart devices the same way, as well as save ‘swiped’ content on the Smart VIERA’s optional USB Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Swipe & Share 2.0 also enables sharing of user-generated photos and videos that are on the large screen with other Android or iOS devices.
Voice Guidance & Voice Interaction – To further simplify the TV browsing experience, Panasonic has introduced two new voice functions into its 2013 VIERA line-up, Voice Interaction and Voice Guidance. Voice interaction is compatible with up to 10 European languages while Voice Guidance goes even further and supports up to 18 European languages.
Voice Interaction simplifies the TV browsing experience, allowing you to input keywords, URL addresses or social networking messages simply by saying the words into the Smart VIERA Touch Pad Controller or compatible smartphone or tablet.

3. Networking

With the widest range of connectivity options, the 2013 Smart LED/LCD line-up lets you watch, surf, chat and share with ease. Just the push of a button opens up a world of browsing, on-demand content, gaming, shopping and much more on your TV:

Enhanced VIERA Connect: Each new Smart VIERA HDTV offers an enhanced VIERA Connect platform including more options for streaming video content, unique social networking features, fully-integrated apps, and intuitive search features designed to make the user experience fast and easy. All Smart VIERA TVs offer wide connectivity options, from an optimised-for-TV Web Browser for VIERA Connect, to in-built Wireless LAN.
Twin HD Tuner: Panasonic has also introduced an innovative Twin HD Tuner to selected models in the 2013 line-up[3], making your TV experience much more flexible. Now you can watch one programme whilst recording another, or watch one programme on your TV whilst another family member watches a simultaneous broadcast transmitted to their tablet.
Built-in camera: The WT60 model also features Panasonic’s first-ever built-in camera to enhance the home entertainment experience, including Face Recognition and video calling.

4. Design

Representing the latest engineering technologies, the 2013 LED/LCD lineup achieves the ultimate in modern design. With incredibly narrow bezels and ultra-minimalist pedestal stands, the Panasonic WT65 and DT65 TVs make the picture appear as if it’s floating in mid-air, as well as introducing a sleek and stylish element to your living room.

5. Eco

Panasonic’s new and improved highly efficient LED/LCD panels reduce power consumption by up to 15%[4]. New materials in the LCD panels transmit light more effectively, while images are illuminated by a more efficient LED backlight design.

Additionally, a new Eco Navigation system has been introduced that lets you adjust a whole suite of energy-saving functions on your TV. This includes Intelligent Auto Standby which automatically powers-down connected AV devices if they’re not being used, and an Eco Mode which adjusts picture brightness according to the brightness levels in the room.









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