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Microsoft will unveil the next generation Xbox on Tuesday, May 21st at their campus in Redmond.

The event will be streamed live globally via Xbox Live, and on Spike TV (for the US and Canada only).

MajorNelson says that [May 21st will] “mark the beginning of a new generation of games, TV and entertainment”.
Microsoft will show more of the future of Xbox at this years’ E3 in June.

Rumours and speculation have been flying thick and fast lately, with many citing that the new Xbox will require a constant online connection or that it will block any use of used games.
Most likely (and hopefully) these are false rumours, SimCity didn’t exactly enjoy its always online reputation.

The name Xbox 720 seems unlikely and the codename Durango doesn’t have a nice ring to it, our best naming guess is Xbox 8 or Xbox Infinite. Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and now Xbox 8.
Plus, 8 on its’ side is the infinity symbol.
Post your best naming guess in the comments below.

We’ve only got a short 26 day wait, we’re sure that won’t go slow…

Via: MajorNelson

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