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Have you ever found yourself in this particular situation, where its past 6pm and you’ve decided you want the latest DLC. You go to the store and find you’ve no Xbox Live points. Up until recently you only had one choice, give up and wait for the store to open the next day. Annoying isn’t it! Good news is that’s now a new mobile product which might be right up your street.

Late last week, Phonovation released a simple little service,, which allows Xbox gamers to charge Microsoft Points and Xbox LIVE Gold Subscriptions directly to their mobile phone accounts. It’s as simple as an SMS or online transaction and you’ll be enjoying the latest downloadable games, movies, music and more. offers two simple ways to purchase the access code required for Xbox LIVE Gold Subscriptions and points. You can buy Xbox Live points and Gold subscriptions by sending a text message (Ireland only) or simple head to and enter your mobile phone number (UK and Ireland customers)

buygamepoints-com image 3

Once you’re on the site, all you have to do is select the product you want – 800 points, 2100 points or a 3 month subscription – and enter your country and mobile number. You’ll receive your code as a text message within seconds. Currently, you can pick up 800 points for €10.99, 2100 points for €24.95 and 3 months Xbox Live Gold for €25.95.

Gavin Carpenter, Sales Director of Phonovation had this to say about the launch;
“An Xbox is more than just a games console, with customers using the machine to play games, listen to music, surf the web and watch movies. With more ways to enjoy the Xbox than ever before, we believe that this is a good time to make payment easier too. Customers without credit cards, or those who don’t want to use their credit card, will be able to purchase Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription and Xbox Microsoft Points quickly and securely from their handsets without having to leave the house.”

The service is currently available to contract or pay as you go customers on O2 and Vodafone in Ireland and all networks in the UK. Other countries like Germany, the Czech Republic and Spain are apparently planned for July. We highly recommend you head over to for more information.


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  • sean roche says:

    hi ..i am living in ireland and i have sent the message for 800 POINTS to 51000 credit is gone but didnt recieve a message back containing the point code..i trust yous can help?

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