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Author of best-selling zombie novels The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, Max Brooks (son of Hollywood legend Mel Brooks) hasn’t been shy in his weariness for the movie which bares his books’ name.

In an interview with Mansfield University, Brooks states that World War Z (the movie) which stars Brad Pitt, is in name only and should be judged separately from the book.
He hasn’t read the script or seen the movie yet, but when he does he says that he’ll tell fans what he thinks of it.

The book is an amazing read for any zombie fan, it delves deep into survivors’ stories ten years after the zombie outbreak, with many emotional and powerful tales.
The movie on the other hand, seems to be a brainless (geddit?!) action movie that simply shares the same name.

Having said that, we haven’t seen the movie yet so that can’t be confirmed or denied just yet.

During the interview Max also details some of the details behind selling the rights of the book.

Via: Zombie Research Society

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