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With holiday season all but here, this seems like perfect timing for Ultimate Ears to be releasing what they are dubbing the ‘World First Social Music Player’, the UE BOOM. What makes it a ‘social music player’? It is the first portable battery powered wireless stereo speaker to offer 360degree sound! You can also add a second one and double the sound and get a separate left and right speaker. Pairing is done through the UE BOOM App (which is on Android and iOS). This is nice when you’re on the beach or getting ready in your hotel room to go out!! It also helps that the battery is good for 15hours. Very Nice. So, all this and it looks pretty dang good to boot!

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Here’s the official press release with all the details:

Today Ultimate Ears introduced UE BOOM, a social music player made to help you rage, riot, party and play the music you love, out loud. It’s designed to make the most of digital music’s convenience, while making it less of a solitary experience.

UE BOOM is the first-ever social music player, a wireless speaker that’s packed with a specific set of features that sets a new standard for listening to music. It’s the first stereo speaker to offer 360-degree sound in a battery-powered device, and features a 15-hour rechargeable battery. Its versatile go-anywhere shape is wrapped in a specially developed acoustic skin that is both water and stain resistant so you can enjoy your music anywhere you go. And it is made for connecting with others. If more friends crash the party, you can wirelessly connect two UE BOOMs together through the free UE BOOM app (available for iOS™ and Android™) to play them in either stereo-to-stereo mode or traditional left/right stereo mode.

After nearly 20 years of working with the most discerning ears in music, Ultimate Ears has set out to help change the way people experience the music they love with its range of critically acclaimed wireless speakers and earphones. UE BOOM is the latest in a series of products for music lovers designed with this ambition in mind.

“The digital age has changed how we listen to our favourite songs and interact with music,” said Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears. “While online music services have made it easier to access your music, it’s remained a challenge to have an anytime, anywhere listening experience that can be shared with others. UE BOOM solves that problem. Ultimate Ears strives to amplify the social experience of listening to music, bringing people together around the music they love. UE BOOM is designed to bring music out into the world.”

In conjunction with the launch of UE Boom, Ultimate Ears is initiating The Social Music Experiment – a light-hearted examination of the effect music has on people in social environments. As part of this effort throughout the summer, Ultimate Ears is teaming up with YouTube comedy channel JASH and its noted music expert, Reggie Watts, to produce an original series entitled The Social Music Experiment. The series launches today exclusively on JASH’s comedy network on YouTube ( and will then be syndicated beginning May 28 across a variety of other digital sites including and Episodes are expected to roll out through the end of June.

Pricing and Availability

UE BOOM is expected to be available in Apple Retail Stores, Apple Online Stores and across Europe as of today, for a suggested retail price of €199.00. For more information, please visit

About Ultimate Ears
Ultimate Ears, a brand of Logitech, revolutionized the way artists perform music on stage with the creation of its custom fit professional earphones in 1995. Today, more touring artists use Ultimate Ears than any other brand, and UE makes critically acclaimed earphones and speakers that are redefining the way people experience the music they love. Ultimate Ears is the leading supplier of in-ear-monitors for professional musicians and an emerging provider of premium speakers and headphones for the consumer market. For more information, please visit



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