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Oh Nokia, this is awkward…

In an embarrassing turn of events for Nokia, South Korean-based giant Samsung has taken the top spot in mobile phone shipments in Nokia’s home country of Finland.
Nokia now have 33.6% of the Finnish market while Samsung command 36.1% and although Nokia shipped 196,000 devices in Finland during the first quarter of 2013, Samsung managed to ship 211,000 in the same quarter.

It marks a big change since last year when Nokia held onto 48% of the Finnish market and Samsung had 28%, and it’s worth noting that Samsung have confirmed that they’ll be opening a research centre in Espoo – the location of Nokia HQ within Finland.

Last year Samsung overtook Nokia as the worldwide leader in smartphone sales but to see Nokia lose in their home country is quite shocking.
Maybe the Lumia 925 will help turn things around when it launches next month.

Via: The Wall Street Journal

Luke Hoare Greene

1/4 Founder of TheEffect.Net

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