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The Last of Us is already hyped up to boiling point, with an early leaked review from Empire magazine going so far as to say:

“The Last of Us is not just the finest game that Naughty Dog has yet crafted and an easy contender for the best game of this console generation, it may also prove to be gaming’s Citizen Kane moment.”

With all that praise it’s easy to forget that the game does have a Multiplayer segment and developer Naughty Dog (of Uncharted fame) are highlighting the games’ brutal war for supplies in the latest multiplayer trailer.
Crafting, upgrading and teamwork are all at play here but another interesting addition is events which seem to happen to your clan.

Clan members getting sick (infected?), raids by marauders and even dysentery outbreaks…fun times are ahead.

If you bought God of War: Ascension then you already have access to The Last of Us demo right now.

We’re currently reviewing The Last of Us and will have our review live soon. The game launches June 14th only on PlayStation 3.


Luke Hoare Greene

1/4 Founder of TheEffect.Net

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  • Cormac McCann says:

    I properly excited for this…been a while since a game has me like this, Zelda was the last maybe?

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