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Zombie RPG/Simulation/Open-World Action game State of Decay has officially become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade game ever, selling over half a million copies.

The game is an interesting blend of survival, simulation and RPG elements, setting itself a part from the majority of zombie games on the market.
Players have to balance fellow survivors’ moods, needs and scavenge for food and supplies, rather than just kill zombies.

Developer Undead Labs have stated in the past that if State of Decay sold well, they would consider making a Zombie MMO, so this is good news for zombie fans – aka everyone and their grandmothers.

I have a copy of The Last of Us on my coffee table, yet have no urge to play it as I’m too addicted to playing State of Decay – that’s gotta say a lot…
We’ll have our full State of Decay review live this week.

Via: Xbox Wire, Undead Labs.

Luke Hoare Greene

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