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| April 19, 2021

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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Toshiba Announces Brand New Range of 3D and LED Smart TV’s

July 31, 2013 |

Toshiba Ireland have just announced their new range of Smart TV’s – 4 & 6, 7 and 9 series with some very cool functions and features.

4 and 6 Series

Each series features access to Toshiba’s new Cloud TV service … Read More

Irrational Games Debut Buried at Sea & Clash in the Clouds DLC for BioShock: Infinite

July 31, 2013 |

I absolutely loved the original BioShock and I actually enjoyed BioShock 2 too, even though it was like Marmite for most people. It makes me very happy then that the first round of DLC for the stunning BioShock: Infinite (Which … Read More

What’s New In FIFA 14 Ultimate Team?

July 30, 2013 |

FIFA 14 is nearly upon us and EA have released more information on it’s most popular mode, Ultimate Team. So whilst we are still in pre season lets see if these new additions can keep the team at EA challenging … Read More

Watch Kodaline’s Nokia Lumia Live Session Now – Plus Behind the Scenes Footage

July 30, 2013 | 2

If you missed out on the amazing live performance from Kodaline at Nokia’s Lumia Live session which was held in a really cool abandoned car park in Dublin city just over a week ago, you can still check some out the lads’ … Read More

Competition Time – Win a copy of The Sims 3 Island Paradise

July 30, 2013 |

That’s right guys and girls, thanks to EA we’ve got 5 shiny copies of The Sims 3 Island Paradise to give away this week! Check out our review of the game here and get ready for some Scuba, Sun, Sims … Read More

New GTA V Screenshots Focus on Vehicles, Show Life in the Fast Lane

July 29, 2013 |

If the recent gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V wasn’t enough to satisfy you during the long wait for the games’ release (Why would it, we always want more!) then feast your eyes on these brand new screenshots released … Read More

Is This The Ultimate Gaming Rig? (Video)

July 29, 2013 |

So if your in the market to upgrade your old 22″ CRT TV and have $17,000 dollars burning a whole in your pocket, this might be just the system for you. Consisting of not one, but three 4K TVs and … Read More

Behold The Glory of Mocap in Ryse: Son of Rome Behind the Scenes ViDoc

July 27, 2013 |

Ryse: Son of Rome is perhaps the biggest launch title and exclusive for the Xbox One and so far it looks promising, but if the E3 footage wasn’t enough for you then gather round for a behind the scenes look.

Read More

Breaking Bad’s Finale Episodes Coming Exclusively to Netflix in the UK & Ireland

July 26, 2013 |

Great news for all you Breaking Bad fans out there, starting August 12th, and every Monday after that, Netflix will begin to have the latest episodes of the show so us here in the UK and Ireland will almost be … Read More

Superheroes’ Pasts and Presents Mashed Up in 6 Amazing Posters

July 26, 2013 |

I think we can all agree that Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Ironman, The Flash and Wolverine are pretty much superhero badasses but they all pretty much came from humble beginnings.

An American (California) based graphic designer called Khoa Ho created a … Read More