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Up until now, the only ways to use Xbox Music was via Windows Phone 8, Windows 8/RT or on Xbox 360.
Now subscribers have the option of listening to their entire music collection via

The web-app is almost as good as the native app and personally I think finding my music is a little bit easier on the web app. The interface is similar though, but the native Xbox Music app has fully derailed and animated background images and full screen support while the web-app doesn’t offer either.

Xbox Music Snip 3

There’s no ‘Radio’ support on the web-app either, and strangely there’s also no shuffle option present.

You can however add and remove songs, create playlists or edit playlists and because Xbox Music syncs via the cloud, any changes you make on the web-app will also take effect on your phone/tablet/computer – very handy if you want to get your gym playlist ready while still in work.

Microsoft are offering a 30 day free trial for non-subscribers and current subscribers can head on over and start listening right now.

Xbox Music Snip 2

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