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Football Manager 2014, the latest in the series of cult management simulations has been announced by Sports Interactive and Sega.

The latest release will see over 1,000 improvements and enhancements made, the most that have ever been made in a Football Manager release to date.

Some significant FM 2014 highlights include:

An improved 3D Match Engine
A tactical overhaul
More realistic transfers and contracts
More sophisticated board interaction
More complex interaction between staff, players and rival managers
A revamped news system
An enhanced user interface
Evolution for Classic mode
Additional community features
Extensive tech improvements

FM 2014 will also include a cloud-save feature, enabling managers to play their pursuit for managerial dominance on any computer across the world. In addition to this and the many other features that will be included, Football Manager 14 will also be released for Linux operating systems.

No release date has been officially confirmed for Football Manager 2014, but Sports Interactive have stated that it will be released before Christmas 2013 and on Windows, Mac and Linux.

This post was written by Robbie Henry.


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