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Oops – A lot of juicy story info from Grand Theft Auto V has leaked online, thanks to a mishap by Sony.

Sony pre-loaded the game to the PlayStation Network (pre-loading is the process of allowing gamers to download the game before release so that on release day they can jump right in), but usually the developers will leave important plot points and the like out of the pre-load, just in case.
It seems Rockstar didn’t do this and just sent Sony the full game,

Apparently a lot of gamers went into overdrive, downloading the game files and decoding them to find out more info and in turn found the audio files for all the games’ dialogue.
With the dialogue, they can work out what happens in the story, who dies, who does what and everything in between.

Sony have officially apologized for their mistake but the damage is done, if you want to avoid GTA V spoilers then I’d suggest unplugging your router and not leaving the house until September 17th… or just don’t Google GTA V or visit any forums etc.

Regrettably, some people who downloaded the digital pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V through the PlayStation Store in Europe were able to access certain GTA V assets. These assets were posted online. We have since removed the digital pre-order file from the PlayStation Store in Europe. We sincerely apologize to Rockstar and GTA fans across the world who were exposed to the spoiler content. GTA V is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year with a very passionate following, and we’re looking forward to a historic launch on September 17.

Via: PlayStation Blog


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