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Umm, a review of a car on here? Yep, a review of a car! Why? Well a couple of us here at are considering getting a new car we decided to look at car tech that’s out these days! So… we got our hands on this cute bright yellow Opel Adam!!

2013-09-30 14.47.37


Ok, I know what you’re thinking! I am not a normal reviewer. But I’m the only fully licenced driver right now so I got to drive this little beaut for a week instead of the guys. I was sooo excited! And as it happens the car is awesome! I have a few minor things but we’ll get to those.

First thing’s first! From a drivers perspective just look at it! It’s little, pretty, and nippy! I drove it for a week and still had petrol left over so thumbs up on the petrol consumption. My favourite driving feature is when it’s in “Eco” mode. If you are stuck at a traffic light, put it in neutral and take your foot of the clutch… The engine turns off!! Amazing right?! Well what’s even more amazing is a touch on the accelerator turns it back on and your phone connection is not disturbed in the process.

The Citi mode is definitely for just parking. The steering wheel gets really lose so it’s really easy to park in tight spots but definitely not an every day road use.

As you can see the car is a two door. It’s a tight squeeze in the back seat but people do fit back there! And they’ve their own cup holders too! The doors are quite long which makes climbing in the back easier but getting in and out of the car in a tight space can be a bit difficult. Sometimes it felt like when you squeeze your guts in to get into that tight fitting pair of jeans.

2013-09-30 14.47.25

The boot is quite deep for a small car. Fitting in the weekly shop or a few overnight bags is no problem. Just no long haul trips guys!

The dash is pretty cool. You can change the digital console in the middle and have your speedometer in clock and digital form. It also tells you how economically you’re using your petrol and it tells you when to shift up a gear.

2013-09-30 14.49.10

I’m not as techy as the guys on the site but I could easily work the gadgety bits. My Bluetooth hooked me up to the speakers. Phone calls were clear for both parties involved. I was even asked if the car was on when I was talking.. I was actually hands-free on the motorway so it cancels road noise brilliantly. It was just great for calls. I could play the music from my phone and get my sat nav to work through the speakers. Although the sat nav voice would only work when I was playing music and not when I had the radio on even though it was always connected via Bluetooth.

Volume control, search, mute/ hang-up, and answer/volume controls are all on the right side of the steering wheel as you can see.

On another steering wheel related note, the wheel is wrapped in leather and has two thumbs rest areas at 10 and 2 for those learning to keep their hands on the wheel! Handy idea for the guys here at I think!

On the left side of the steering wheel is the cruise control and speed limiter options. I personally couldn’t get them on properly but that could just be me.

The touch screen is awesome! It can upload your phone book to the car and you can dial from the screen.

If your lights are off the background colour is white and text black but if you have your lights on the background is black and text white! It has day and night mode for the screen!

You can even get apps for the car!

There’s a USB port, headphone jack, and accessories port under the screen for all your connection needs. The pocket below is quite deep and fitting a cup of anything in there is a bit awkward. I did manage to lose a ticket for the car park in there when I was trying to get out. Only took a minute to find but I created a queue of impatient drivers behind me! Note to self, don’t put anything you may need access to immediately in there if there’s other bits there too (sunglasses, phone, carpark clicker etc.).

Overall I loved the car. It drives so well and the gadgets are pretty cool. I’ve never had a car that can connect the phone to the speakers so this car was magic to be introduced to that with! Made getting back in my own a bit of an anti-climax!

Texture on the Dashboard

Texture on the Dashboard

So how much does all of this cost? €14995. It’s in the budget range of a Mini and Citreon C3. I actually own a Citreon C3 and comfortably converted to this… I was very reluctant to give back the keys!

This review was done by guest reviewer Amanda Howe.


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