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Nokia have managed to improve the sales of their Lumia devices, hitting a record 8.8 million-unit high in Quarter 3, which is a 200% increase on the same period last year.

In Q2 this year, Nokia sold 7.4 million Lumias which was a new record at the time, and overall they’ve sold 36.1 million Lumia devices since the Lumia 800 launched the range back in November 2011.

Stephen Elop Nokia Lumia 1520

This has a clear effect on Windows Phone in general as Microsoft have now officially sold over 10 million devices, doubling Windows Phones’ marketshare from 2% in Q3 last year to 4.1% this year.
This also cements Microsoft’s third place position behind iOS with 13.4% marketshare and Android with 81.3%.
Trailing behind is BlackBerry with 1.0%, down from 4.0% last year.

Nokia are releasing the first Windows Phone “phablet” later this year as the Lumia 1520 and also the first ever Nokia tablet with the Lumia 2520.

Via: Strategy Analytics

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