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Rockstar Games have begun rolling out the promised $500,000 Stimulus Package to players today.

If you played Grand Theft Auto Online in the month of October (Who didn’t?) then be sure to log on tonight and check your Maze bank balance, as you should be half a million dollars richer.
Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten it just yet, Rockstar say that it could take up to two days to appear.

The package won’t be in two $250,000 instalments as previously stated and will instead be given in one $500,000 lump sum.

Expect to see a lot of flash cars and fancy apartments being purchased online this week.
I just checked my GTA Online banking records and my stimulus package is there, a few car upgrades are in order!

GTA Online Bank

The full press release from Rockstar is below:

Attention all Grand Theft Auto Online players, we have begun the Stimulus Package direct deposit into each of your in-game bank accounts. This GTA$500,000 deposit applies to all GTA Online players in the month of October 2013.

We expect that it will take up to 2 full days for the Stimulus Package to be fully delivered to the entire player base from October 2013, so please be patient if you do not see it appearing in your in-game bank account just yet. We will update this post on Friday when we expect all the GTA$ Stimulus Package deposits to have been completed.

Thanks go out to everyone for their continued patience and understanding while we worked through these issues, and we can’t wait to bring more into the world of GTA Online. On that note, stay tuned for more details on the Beach Bum update soon along with upcoming Social Club event announcements and more here at the Newswire.

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