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Time to dust off those dancing shoes…

As always Just Dance 2014 gives us more of what we like and love,it still remains a great party game that anyone can pick up and play.The hilarious dance routines that will have your bones sore the next day return along with a great song selection which is mainly focused on the latest popular chart tracks and with over 49 songs and not to mention more downloadable content to come, it will keep you dancing for another year.

The 49 song collection is dominated by the likes of Lady Gaga,Katy Perry,Kesha and One Direction and also throws in a few oldies such as the Village People “YMCA,” and Ray Parker Jr’s “Ghostbusters”.

The Four player co-op shines as always as you and your try to copy the dance moves together, from the cancan to spinning your friends around the room. A few new features have been added to the Wii U version,these new features include using the Wii U gamepad as a free roaming camera so you can capture your friends reactions to your dance moves or sit back and take advantage of the gamepad karaoke mic and sing your heart out to your favorite songs.

Also another new addition is Party Master mode,In this mode one of the players can stay sitting if they’re tired from dancing and they control the dance moves while the other players have to copy them on screen.This mode will have people laughing as they mess with other players heads while they dance.This game has become the ultimate party starter and will create alot of memories.

Scoring for your dance moves will leave you confused as you’re never quite sure if your moves has any bearing on your score but that’s not what Just Dance is all about. It wants you to have fun and enjoy yourself.The only time to really care about the score is for unlocking bonus content, such as new playlists and mash-ups, but thankfully not the core songs themselves,which are all available from the get go.

Along with the standard just dance mode, Just Sweat mode returns as well and remains the same as before,letting you create personalised workout sessions to burn off a few calories. The major addition to Just Dance 2014 is World Dance Floor,a real-time online dance-off where you will find yourself pulling off your best skills against others around the world in a global playlist.

Reviewer: Anthony Kenny


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