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Today see’s Subtitle, Ireland’s newest film festival, kicking off in the beautiful city of Kilkenny. The festival is a unique opportunity to catch some of the most popular European films that can’t be found at your standard cinemas around Ireland and a chance to meet their makers and stars to boot.

This year’s programme boasts 35 of the best European films of recent years, among them Christian Mungiu’s stunning drama Beyond the Hills and the French comedy The Intouchables (see the trailer above).

A special show or two will also celebrate recent Russian cinema while a variety of international stars will be in town, among them Aksel Hennie from hit Norwegian crime flick Headhunters and Nikolaj Lie Kaas, star of Danish TV hit The Killing.

Subtitle has already gained a reputation as an actors’ festival by those film buff’s who were there last year. This year will see an amazing line up of European talent, many of whom would be recognisable faces. Guests confirmed for the Festival include:

  • Agnieszka Grochowska star of Oscar nominated In Darkness,
  • Danish actors Allan Hyde (known for True Blood) and Morten Suurballe (known for The Killing),
  • Russian actors Evgenia Brik, Masha Andreeva and Yuri Kolokolnikov (upcoming star of Game of Thrones),
  • Finnish star of 8-Ball, Jessica Grobowsky,
  • Spanish actor, Clara Lago will be joining Counsinhood co-star, Antonio de la Torre (Volver),
  • Acclaimed Netherlands actors Martijn Lakemeier, Marwen Kenzari and Hannah Hoekstra,
  • Bosnian star of Children of Sarajevo Marija Pikic,
  • Finnish star of Toronto hit Heart of a Lion, Peter Franzén Borgen,
  • The Killing and A Hijacking star, Pilou Asbæk,
  • Laura Birn, Finnish Shooting Star 2013 and Finnish leading man, Jasper Pääkkönen,
  • Poland’s young rising star Jakub Gierszal,
  • Norwegian actor Aksel Hennie, star of crossover hit Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters,
  • Russian star of the forthcoming Vampire Academy, Danila Kozlovsky,
  • Rising star from the Netherlands, Hannah Hoekstra,
  • Prominent Danish actor Nikolaj Lie Kaas (known for The Killing).

So what are you waiting for? Get over to for your tickets. The festival runs from today until the 1st of December.


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