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So you might have heard that a little app called Facebook Paper is now in the App Store, but only if you are lucky enough to live in the United States. But fear not, if you’re too impatient to wait for an actually release in Ireland, you can still get your hands on the app with a fairly easy and well-known workaround.

Basically, you’ll need to reconfigure your iTunes account so that Apple thinks you live in America. To start, grab you your iPhone and go to the App Store. From there hit the ‘Featured’ button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Scroll to the very bottom and you should see a long, horizontal button with your personalised Apple ID, just above the Terms and Conditions.


Hit it, then select the ‘View Apple ID’ option at the top of the menu that appears. Stick in your password and you will see a few options for your account, which includes lo and behold, the country and region where you currently live. Select this then the ‘Change Country or Region’ option – here you can select the US version of the App Store. Remember if you have an iTunes Match account, you’ll need to disable this first. (E.G. go to the Settings app and hit the ‘iTunes & App Store’ option and deselect the iTunes Match button.)

Once that’s done, agree to the new Terms and Conditions, and then when Apple asks you for a valid payment method just select ‘None’ from the payment options, followed by the Next button in the bottom right-hand corner. Facebook Paper is free so need to worry about that. Go back to the App Store and then download the new Facebook Paper app for your iPhone.

See it’s as easy as “Wham, Bam, Thank You Apple”! Now go enjoy Facebook Paper. Just don’t tell anyone we told you!

PS. Just so you guys know by doing the above you do breach Apple’s terms and conditions and also it might delete some paid apps and there data that are installed on your phone and are geo-locked to Europe. In other words, complete the above actions completely at your own risk!


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  • Yes this works but you do realise it breaches terms and conditions and also will possibly delete some paid apps that are installed including data from those apps on your phone that are geolocked to europe? Just letting you know, we have seen similar posts and a lot of unhappy users when things go wrong

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