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Do you live and breathe football, have a great knowledge of your favourite team and have the patience for data entry? If you’re nodding your head along as you read this, then EA and their Talent Scout campaign wants you!

Below is a list of the roles available, as part of the EA Talent Scout campaign and if ones of these roles takes your fancy then why not give it a go. With over 6000 active members already in their data community, EA are continuously looking for more football experts to join their team.

Data Reviewers: In this voluntary role you will be asked to take a look at the data for the clubs you know inside out and give EA feedback on how they can improve these teams. If you do well you could be offered a contract and a promotion to become Data Editors.

Data Editors: In this role you will be asked to research and edit teams and players within their massive database, this covers team formations, style settings, player attributes and much more. This role is a contracted position and as an extra bonus you’ll see your name in the credit of the next FIFA game.

Asset Editors: This is a paid contract position,just simply pass a quick test and you could be creating and changing players faces and bodies within the game. Also you’ll get listed in the credits.

Reference Collector: This role would involve collecting and providing reference pictures of teams kits, their socks,jerseys, shorts and of course their sponsors. This is another contracted role and also offers a call out of your name in the credits.

Additionally, remember that, again these roles listed are for die-hard football fans and not for the casual person who plays FIFA, but instead is for the massive FIFA fans and who know everything about their team’s entire squad, are quick to know about the up and coming young players and have analysed the manager’s tactics after every game played. You will also need patience and time to spend analysing and inputting data.

If all this has you jumping with delight and nodding your head, then this is your chance to make the best football game even better with your help. Apply through the EA Talent Scout Website and best of luck! Tell them sent you!

This post was written by Anthony Kenny Contributor

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