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Panasonic’s latest flagship headphones are up against some stiff competition in the professional headphones market but have they got what it takes to win the fight? Read on to found out in our review of Panasonic’s Technics DH1250 headphones.

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It’s hard to think of premium headphones and not think of the likes of Beats by Dr. Dre or Sennheiser but Panasonic are entering the arena with their latest flagship headphones, the Technics DH1250, a somewhat technical name but one you will remember once you give these headphones a try. Similar to their predecessor, the DH1200 with the addition of the added remote control cable, the DH1250’s are aiming at the professional market and all the way down to the general consumer. Although their extremely robust styling and almost robot like design could be a turn off for some, their extremely crisp and well-rounded audio and comfortable fit more than make up for this.

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We tried out a good few different music genres on the DH1250’s and were please with pretty much all of the results, acoustic tracks were clean and detailed, vocals were sharp and pronounced and overall, the sound was well rounded. One area which didn’t completely impress us was the bass levels of the headphones. Hip-Hop tracks had all of the mids and the highs but the heavy bass lines in many of the tracks just weren’t all there. I guess there are other headphones that cater for those heavy bass lovers out there but it’s not to say the DH1250’s didn’t have good bass, it just wasn’t as deep as we expected.

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The DH1250’s are a very comfortable fit however and give a decent amount of noise cancellation when sat right on the ears. Both the ear pads and headband are padded so this makes the DH1250’s one of the more comfortable pair of headphones we’ve tested. As I mentioned earlier, the design won’t be for everyone and is quite chunky but it’s more a matter of preference than anything. It does help withe the storing of the headphones though as the earpads are hinged and are able to be folded up under the headband for more compact storage when not in use. They’re fully waterproof and also come with a leather carrier bag and two types of connection cables which are also a nice addition, one of which has a handy built in mic and volume controller for handsfree talking. We also liked the little locking mechanism for attaching either of the cables to the left earpad so as to avoid it being accidentally pulled out.

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In the end, we were more than impressed with the overall quality, both build and sound, of the DH1250’s and with a RRP of €199, you would be foolish not to give these headphones a test run if possible if you’re in the market for some high-end headphones.

The DH1250 headphones are available from and Panasonic stockists.

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  • MIchael says:

    Wake up !!! this is still the 1200….but for double the price in a nice box…..well you will get a IOS cable…wow

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