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Yesterday marked the official official launch of Uber in Dublin. If any of you are already familiar with taxi hailing apps such as Hailo, you’ll have a general understanding of what Uber is and how it works. The difference between the two is that the Uber app let’s you request a pick up from an executive or luxury car. Think 5 series BMW, E Class Mercedes and all the way up to limo class BMW 7 Series. You have your card details in the app so payment is done through the phone. No tips to the drivers. I used Uber around the Dublin city a few days ago to get to a number of meetings and I found it excellent and very easy to use.


When you open the app you can pin where you would like to be picked up. When your driver is selected, It shows you estimated your waiting time, a picture of the driver, his car type, colour and registration. You can message or call the driver and you can even send an ETA message to your business colleagues or friends where they can track your journey. There is also a neat fare share option if you are travelling with friends.

I used Uber 5 times and I was picked up by 5 different drivers (or partners as Uber likes to call them). They all owned their own cars, were fully insured and licensed with limousine plates  (they are unbranded with only a circle disc on the windscreen). All of the partners I used were very friendly and professional. One of them even had a phone charger I could use as I was running low.

Overall I can’t rate the Uber app highly enough. If you want to travel in style, at a reasonable price for the level of service (each of my journeys yesterday were €12 and were cross city runs) then this app is for you. Great for impressing family, friends or for business reasons.

If you would like to try the service, download the Uber app and  enter the promo code k9lay to receive €20 free credit to use towards your first fare.

Finally, a number of VC’s have backed Uber including Google Ventures. Is going to be a sure fire success and with expansion in 29 countries and 70+ cities, the app will be great when you travel overseas too.

Here are the Google Play and iOS App Store links to the Uber app.

This post was written by @Derekreilly

Derek Reilly

EV Contributor at TheEffect.Net - Founder of the Ireland's №1 EV YouTube channel EV Review Ireland - Set up the Dublin EV Owners Club - General Manager at - Mayo man in Dublin

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