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Last year was an amazing year for us here at the site and we want to make sure this year is even better. With a monthly readership that won’t stop growing, the site is on its way to being one of the biggest tech, gaming, TV and movie sites in Ireland.

We’re looking for dedicated, opinionated and passionate writers to join our core team and help us provide even more high quality content to all our readers.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Wants to take part in a buzzing and creative environment
  • Prepared to write news, previews and reviews, as well as conduct interviews and attend press events
  • Enjoys working hard
  • Enjoys playing hard
  • Is 18+ years

Does the above sound like something you’re eager to do? Then apply if you have/are:

  • An interest and passion in the game and tech industry.
  • An interest in TV and movies.
  • An interest in covering breaking news in the industries.
  • An interest in attending game and tech events.
  • The ability to review games/tech in a completely unbiased manner.
  • Excellent English, with a strong understanding of grammar, punctuation etc.
  • Passion for working with other people and time to create articles and opinion pieces.
  • A good understanding how to use WordPress (or a similar CMS) for publishing articles and creating unique and attractive content.
  • Is ready to represent brand with respect for the readers and other contributors.
  • Prepared to meet the rest of the team in a meeting to discuss their application.


We are looking to expand our team of day-to-day writers, which includes:

  • The Games team.
  • The Movies/TV team.
  • The Tech team.
  • The Mobile team.
  • The Rest team.
  • The Web team.

We’re aware that some people won’t have much or any experience in writing, but as long as you have a passion for tech and games we want to hear from you and see what you can do.

FYI: We’re unable to pay contributors at this time, but this will change in the future. That said, there’s always great swag involved when possible!

To apply:

When applying, please include anything you feel to be relevant to your submission such as previously written articles (news/reviews/opinion pieces) or a link to your blog.

We can’t wait to hear from you.


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