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Sky Ireland are set to launch a new digital movie service called ‘Buy and Keep’, allowing users to buy movies and keep them for further use.

Slightly strange but by no means bad is the addition of the physical, DVD version of the movie which will arrive to your home a few days after you buy the digital version.

It’s an unusual idea but who knows, maybe Sky have tons of dusty DVD’s lying around.

The service is set to launch “in the coming weeks” and will first be available on your Sky+HD box for streaming to your TV and then further down the line will come to tablets, smartphones and even for non-Sky TV customers via

Sky Store 'Buy and Keep'

Sky Store ‘Buy and Keep’

Mark Anderson, Director of Sales & Marketing, Sky Ireland said, “We know millions of people love to buy films and now it becomes even easier to do it straight from your sofa with Sky Store. The ability to now own a copy of your favourite film using ‘Buy & Keep’ is the perfect solution for any film fans wanting the immediacy of enjoying the latest movies on your main TV, with the added benefit of receiving the original DVD in the post.”

According to Sky, TV box sets (such as Game of Thrones) will be added to the service sometime in the future.

‘Buy and Keep’ will cost from €9.99 to €16.99 per month.

We’ve asked Sky what happens to your digital movies if you stop paying – do you keep them or lose access – and will update the post when we hear back.

Update: Sky got back to us regarding what happens to your movies if you leave the service.
Once you stop paying, you lose access to the digital copy of your movie (just like Netflix), however you’ll still have the physical DVD of said movies so can continue to watch them that way, which is where Sky’s service will one-up Netflix and Amazon’s LoveFilm.

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