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Sonys new interchangeable lens camera, the A7s (‘s’ standing for sensitivity) is something of a beast when it comes to light sensitivity. Put it like this, most cameras out there top out at ISO1600 with some going a bit higher to ISO3200 or 6400. Sonys A7s, goes all the way to 11… and by 11 I mean an astounding ISO409,600… yep, 409,600!!

What does that mean, well, it means it can pretty much see in the dark! Check out the video above to see what I mean. It’s absolutely nuts how much of a difference it makes. Yeah, image purists will say ‘But its so noisy’ and what now.. and I say, I’d prefer to be able to see whats going on with a bit of noise than not be able to see anything at all!

Here’s a couple of example stills:

409600ISOA7s-620x349 6400ISOA7s-620x348



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