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Panasonic have just announced their new compact stereo system. The Panasonic SC-HC39 speaker comes equipped with near field communication or NFC compatibility and also a ‘Bluetooth Re-master’ function which aims to replicate the audio from the source as clean and crisp as the creators intended. Aimed at the smartphone user with it’s ease of connectivity, the SC-HC39 appears to have both the form and function to make any music lover happy. The SC-HC39 is set to retail for €179.99 and you can find the full official press release below.



Slim SC-HC39 Builds on Predecessor Models to Create Superior Sound, Enclosed in Stylish Design

Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company has announced the new SC-HC39 Compact Stereo System.  Designed to meet the needs of users who listen to music on their smartphones, Panasonic has equipped the new SC-HC39 with both networking and sound-enhancing technologies that offer users an impressive listening experience from a small, stylish compact speaker system.  The new compact stereo system will be available later this year

“Panasonic is building upon our previous series of Compact Stereo Systems with enhanced sound and connectivity options to bring smarter sound technologies to the consumer for greater ease of use,” said David Fisher, Product Manager, Home Entertainment, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company.

 The new Panasonic SC-HC39 is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC), which simplifies the Bluetooth® pairing of the SC-HC39 with an NFC-compatible smartphone.  A user need only wave the smartphone over the One-touch Connection mark on the SC-HC39 to complete the pairing process for easy setup.

The Panasonic SC-HC39 has also evolved sound quality with the incorporation of a LincsD-Amp 2nd generation, which provides a level of amp performance that matches many high-end Hi-Fi stereo systems, minimizing the jitter that is often generated when playing back digital music files to reproduce sounds that are faithful to the original for more a robust listening experience.  And, the Bluetooth® Re-master function brings sound even closer to the original by compensating for high-frequency sounds that are lost by compressing the signal during Bluetooth® audio signal transmission. This allows the user to enjoy crisp, clear sound even with a wireless connection.  A light yet rigid Nanosized Bamboo Cone Speaker and Dual Passive Radiator are used in the SC-HC39 speaker units to deliver dynamic bass and clear, transparent sound.

Featuring a simple, yet elegant design scheme, the Panasonic SC-HC39 is equipped with a lustrous silver panel on the front panel and a stainless steel mesh to cover speakers.  The unit’s smooth, flat design does more than just enhance a room’s interior.  Because the SC-HC39’s simplicity eliminates parts that are not directly involved with reproducing music, it is packed with more hardware to help enhance sound quality.

The new Panasonic SC-HC39 will be is available on  For additional information, please visit the Panasonic CES website,, or

RRP: 179.99E

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