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Brand New Doctor Who Full-Length Trailer: “New Doctor, New Monsters and Old Enemies…”

It feels like an eternity for Whovians since the new Doctor Who was revealed and Peter Capaldi regenerated in to the twelfth Doctor. We’ve been craving to see a glimpse of our new Doctor and his adventures. Now, finally, after a few teasing trailers, the BBC have released a fantastic new Doctor Who full-length trailer that fleshes out more of what we can expect from the new season of Doctor Who and more importantly what we can expect from the new Doctor.

From glimpses of dinosaurs terrorising London to creepy new monsters this trailer is cut with the distinctive voice of an old and dangerous adversary and his Dalek cohorts. We also see the Doctor in a reflective mood as he turns to his companion, Clara (Jenna Coleman), and says “I’ve made many mistakes…It’s about time that I did something about that.” This is suggestive of some important soul-searching for the Doctor in season eight and we are really looking forward to the premiere at the end of August.

The New Doctor Lands Saturday 23rd August

Season eight of Doctor Who returns to BBC One on 23rd August 2014. You can also view the new Doctor Who full-length trailer directly on the BBC One website.


John Harrison

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