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New Cinematic Doctor Who Trailer…“It’s all about to change!”

In anticipation of the start of the eighth season of Doctor Who, that returns to BBC One this Saturday, here is a the latest Doctor Who trailer to ignite our excitement of science-fiction adventure. As episode one gets closer the trailers building up to this new season have given us glimpses of what to expect with dinosaurs terrorising London and new adversaries in store for our travelling companions. This new trailer also provides us with the sight of the TARDIS on fire and an ominous voice telling us that “Life returns!” and “Life prevails!“. It sounds like an old, familiar life-form has returned in an attempt to prevail over the Doctor.

Of course, the major anticipation of episode one is to get our first real look at the regenerated twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and the relationship he has with his companion the enigmatic Clara (Jenna Coleman) as they adventure through time and space. From the trailer this much-loved and well-known relationship between these travelling companions appears unsettled and uncertain. The companion seems unsure of the man she is travelling with as she questions herself “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is any more?“. Maybe it is through the changes wrought by regeneration or maybe it is because of his actions (and mistakes) on the fields of Trenzalore there is something different, possibly darker, about the Doctor. These misgivings are exposed as the Doctor asks his companion “Clara, tell me. Am I a good man?” she has doubts and answers “I don’t know!“. The possibility of changes in this dependable relationship is fascinating to conceive and given the events from last season’s finale “The Name of the Doctor” and the 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor” there is much expectation and promise at the prospect of the Doctor’s story arc in the episodes to come. There are many questions in this trailer to be answered and we can’t wait to see how they unfold.

The New Doctor Lands Saturday 23rd August at 7.50pm on BBC One with season eight, episode one – “Deep Breath“. The feature-length premiere episode will also be shown this Saturday on the big screen at Cineworld Dublin and will include live Q&A from Leicester Square. Doors open at 7.00pm.


John Harrison

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