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Usually, presentations are tough. Your palms are sweaty, your throat is dry and you’re generally a ball of stress before hand, I know I am. But, what if you combined a presentation with a platformer? The fine developers of Metrico did and created the latest present-em-up for the PS Vita. They’ve created one of the most uniquely difficult games I’ve played in a long-long time.

Metrico is set in a world, which is full of pie charts, bar charts and enemies. Not the most exciting premise for a game I’ll give you that but it really impresses in it’s gameplay. You move through the world as you would with any normal platformer. Except, the world moves when you do. You will have to twist and turn your vita or scan the world around you to move bar charts and finish the level.

Metrico Vita Screenshot 2

For example, at one point I was playing the game with the vita upside down, trying to jump off a platform and shoot an enemy to lower another platform. It’s a game that will mess with your mind, sometimes you even have to fail to progress. It’s a challenge that’s refreshing in mobile games.

Metrico also makes unique use of the Vita’s features. Front and back touch pads; the microphone and camera are all used (sometimes in conjunction with each other) so you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a unique challenge.

Metrico Vita Screenshot 3

Graphics wise, Metrico makes beautiful use of the PS Vita’s screen. It’s full of bold colours, beautiful vistas (no, not the operating system) and stats which any number junkie like myself will appreciate. The only game I can think that comes close in style is Wipeout HD’s ‘Zone’ mode. Replayability factor is there with collectables but it might be a one way only trip for most.

Here’s the biggie. Is it fun? On the surface, Metrico is a playable powerpoint presentation platformer (or as I’m coining it P3). It sounds like possibly one of the most boring games ever made but Metrico is challenging, beautiful and oddly charming in places. The satisfaction when you’ve finally found out how to beat a level after 10 minutes of trying is immense.

Metrico was reviewed on the Playstation Vita by David McGinley.

David McGinley

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