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This week I received a press release about the latest app release for the Windows Marketplace and honestly it felt like fate. This week I’ve spent a few late nights playing a game or three and twice I’ve played russian roulette with the alarm. And twice I’ve lost. Waking up 30 minutes late and scrambling to get to the office in time.

Do this sound familiar to you? Maybe your more the type that wakes up to find they’ve been asleep for 3 hours when you just want to have a quick power nap. I blame it on the evil snooze button!

Plarm Windows Phone app

Anyway, I digress. This week Microsoft let me know about this interesting app called Plarm. Essentially the Plarm app is your best friend and worst nightmare. The app is designed to wake you up at all costs and I mean all costs. You see, in order to turn off Plarm, you must solve a set of questions in the given time and failing to do so will trigger the alarm again, ensuring you never drift off for those extra “5” minutes. It even comes with leveling games where points are awarded according to speed and difficulty.

Plarm is completely free to download from the Windows Marketplace so give it a shot, I did and so far it’s crazily working. What do you think? Is this the alarm for you? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.


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