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It’s that time of the year when we get those Q4 updates out of the way and Sony are the next out the gate with PS4 OS2 codenamed ‘Masamune’. The Xbox One will be getting additional sharing and customisability features in the near future and well, the PS4 is no exception. In the PS4 Update 2.0, we’ll be getting additional sharing options, customisability features and more! The PS4 OS update is expected to launch any day now. Find out more below.


Just as the PlayStation Vita got themes this month, now PS4 owners can get in on the action. You’ll be able to change the background of the home screen to gold, blue, red, green, purple, pink, or grey. Also, you’ll be able to download themes like the one below from the PlayStation Store (prices TBC). No word yet on if they’ll change the background music as they do on the PlayStation Vita.

PS4 OS 2.0 System Software

Sharing is Caring:

There’s been a host of updates for sharing this time. You can now filter broadcasts based on a specific game (which is a feature Twitch has had for a while) and you can also now watch archived broadcasts amongst a ton of updates for the ‘Live at PlayStation’ app.

Something a lot of gamers have been waiting a long time for, YouTube sharing is coming to the PS4. Now, you’ll be able to share those epic moments easier than before. Also coming is a new YouTube PS4 app. SharePlay is also being added where you can ‘share your couch’, creating an online co-op experience where you can invite a friend in to play with you, even if they don’t own the game. Handy for FIFA nights!

I think you’ll agree, these are some big updates.


New in 2.0 is a ‘USB Music Player’, now you’ll be able to kill Orcs in Shadow of Mordor with whatever you like playing in the background. I know this will be handy for the hours I’m going to spend in COD Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer! All you need to do is insert a USB stick with MP3/MP4/M4A or 3GP music files on it and you’re set! Unfortunately, no word on video files and you can’t save these to the hard-drive. There’s even more new features in the 2.0 release including:

  • Friend Finder – Suggested friends of friends.
  • The ‘Content Area’ has been redesigned to get you to your content quicker.
  • Library improvements – Sort apps/games by type, recently used/installed or by A-Z.
  • More voice commands for live broadcasting and improved information about what commands you can use contextually.
  • Add to library – Adds the ability to add PS+ games to your library without downloading.

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