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The Irish based Guidecentral has launched its new and improved Maker Program that lets all types of crafters to make money by sharing their own projects. This isn’t only just for what you would normally assume to be a crafter, there’s a whole technology angle to it as well. Take for example this little guide on how to transfer large files off your phone –

There are currently over 3000 guides in Beauty, Crafts, Food & Drinks, Home, Style and Technology. There is currently a really strong community of 100,000+ users.

The original program was launched back in March of this year and due to its success, the company is expanding the platforms that are available to use by makers. They have also introduced a secondary tier of earnings.

Guidecentral now allows users to produce DIY projects on iOS, Android and on the web. The vision of the Guidecentral team is to connect makers from all across the globe, and following this outlook they have made the decision to expand the service by offering new platforms for users;

“We offer the same experience across all platforms, allowing users to consume, create and earn money regardless of their device or operating system.”

So what are the benefits of the Maker Program?

Your DIYs will earn you money. The sky’s the limit, the more popular your guides the more you make! Showcase your projects with crafters from all around the world, connect with potential customers and attract followers to your blog or online shop. Elevate your profile within the Guidecentral community and get hundreds of new followers every month. Create your own DIYs and be rewarded for what you make. Share your projects and build your DIY business. Become a Maker today.

There’s a limited number of actual technology guides at the moment, so I know that I for one will be keeping an eye out for some top guides in the area!

In the mean time, check out Guidecentral here:


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