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Last month, OnePlus One launched their pre-order system as a chance to purchase the OnePlus One without an invite and they sold tens of thousands unit. Yes, there was some server issues, but what launch these days doesn’t have server issues and that’s why they are back with a second round of pre-orders.

Behind the scenes, a lot has changed. What hasn’t changed, however, is the shopping process. Just like last time, you can go here to prepare your cart and add shipping and billing information in advance. When the one-hour pre-order windows opens on November 17 at 16:00 GMT (8am PST, 11am EST), you’ll be all set to check out and complete your order with the click of a button.

If the items are in stock, they’ll ship immediately. If they don’t, your order will automatically convert to a pre-order. What is a pre-order, exactly? During the ordering process, you’ll receive an estimated shipping time. When you complete your order, we’ll reserve the payment, but you won’t actually be charged until your order ships. So, if you change your mind, you can forfeit your spot in line and cancel your order at any time before it ships. If you get ahold of an invite at any time during this process, you can use it to upgrade your pre-order and receive immediate shipping.

To celebrate the improved pre-order system, a selection of OnePlus accessories can be bundled with the OnePlus One pre-orders at steeply discounted prices, as a thank you to the fans.

Remember, you can prepare your order right now on our pre-orders page, then come back on November 17 at 16:00 GMT (8am PST, 11am EST) to complete your order. Keep in mind that the pre-order window will only be open for one hour.


via: OnePlus One


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