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EA announced some news yesterday that will be music of the ears of many Dragon Age fans (including our own Chris) who are eagerly awaiting the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you are an EA Access subscriber, you can play Dragon Age: Inquisition right now.


With EA Access’s app on Xbox One, you’ll be able to download a 6 hour trial of BioWare’s latest RPG. Now, this isn’t a demo. This is the full game so your progress will carry over as you explore the world of Thedas. Don’t forget, you’ll be able to jump into co-op multiplayer too! It’s just a tantalising tease for fans and it’s a pretty good way to get people using EA Access! Plus, if you’re a subscriber, you get 10% off if you’re purchasing it digitally through the Xbox One store. EA Access costs €3.99 a month and for that, you also get access (get it?) to a vault of EA full-game titles including Battlefield 4 and Need For Speed: Rivals. It’s a pretty good deal I think!

The only frustrating this is, it’s six hours long! I know I’ll be pacing myself over the next few days. Even you don’t have Dragon Age: Inquisition preordered, you’ll still be able to check out the game. Perfect if you haven’t decided to pick the game up yet. EA Access put it best, saying:

Your membership will get you into Dragon Age: Inquisition on November 13, before the game’s November 18 release date. The six-hour trial lets you create your hero, form your Inquisition, and take your first steps into Thedas, exploring the world and battling evil in both real-time and tactical combat. Discover the Hinterlands, where the war between Templars and mages has hit a fever pitch, or gather materials and schematics for crafting your arsenal. During your trial, we’ll update you on how many hours you have left to play. Binge and explore the Hinterlands for all six hours at once, or take your time and spread your gaming out over the next few days. – EA Access

What do you think? Will you be taking Dragon Age: Inquisition for a spin? I know Chris can’t wait to! I can’t personally wait to get my hands on it! Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for reviews, previews, hands-ons and more.

Source: EA Access

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