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Onto July, August and September in our 2014 rewind and even during a typically quiet Summer we still had some big stories and reviews. We even went to Comic Con in San Diego!



Samsung Galaxy S 5 & Gear Fit

Samsung Galaxy S 5 theeffect.netChris took a look at Samsung’s latest flagship and it’s new fitness-orientated wearable device. Samsung didn’t change a lot about the formula that made the S3 and the S4 a success but it’s still a pretty great device even by today’s standards. The gear fit really impressed with it’s curved display but we still can’t help feeling what the device would be like if it ran Android Wear. Find out more in the review.

Forza Horizon 2


I took a look at Microsoft’s latest racer which this time aims it’s steering wheel firmly at Need for Speed with it’s open world racing. The game is packed with content and freedom but I ask, is too much choice a bad thing? Find out in my review.

Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Lumia 930 via

This year sadly brought the end of Nokia as a smartphone manufacturer (at least for a few years) as it was bought by Microsoft. What did we make of Nokia’s last big hurrah? Find out here.

and the rest:


San Diego Comic Con 2014


Our writer John took the trip over to San Diego Comic Con this year to cover as many panels as possible and of course the biggest stories to come out of the event. Click the links below to see our daily summaries.

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

Microsoft announces Windows 10 – Skips Windows 9

Terry Myserson Windows 10

Microsoft took the left-field turn of skipping Windows 9 and moving straight onto Windows 10. The OS mixes the best of Windows 8 (live tiles) and the best of OS-past (namely bringing back the Desktop properly) and will be out in 2015. Find out more in our round-up.

Amazon’s Acquisition Of Twitch Is Official – $970M In Cash


Another piece of unexpected news was Amazon buying the popular video game live streaming service this year. While not much has changed, we’d expect some big moves from Amazon next year into the gaming arena. Find out more in our story.

PlayStation – Two doors close, one opens:


While PlayStation owners had a good year with tons of free games and some truly great games landing for the PS4, we saw some bad news too with the recent PSN outages and the closure of services like Home and PSP’s online store announced.

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ Launch:

Apple_iPhone_6-3Apple of course released a new iPhone this year and it’s everything we expected. I took the trip up to Belfast to cover the release and do some hands-ons with the device. Personally, I’m slightly disappointed with mine but that’s for another post!

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