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Have you ever wanted to access content online that might be geo-restricted? Yeah, me to! A couple of years ago I came across a service called UnoTelly online that allowed me to access content that sometimes isn’t available to Irish people (e.g. BBC iPlayer) that was so easy to use and just worked that I put my money where my mouth is and paid for it, and have been ever since. UnoTelly is a DNS and VPN service that allows you to access lots of geo-restricted content from Ireland, while this is great for people living here, it’s even better for people traveling to Ireland or moving to Ireland and still want to access content from their home country. It couldn’t be simpler to setup either!


For the first example, I’m going to use the example of the iPlayer on the PS4. Getting the iPayer on the PS4 is the trickier part, you’ll need to have or setup a UK PSN account (even a free one) and download the iPlayer app. You’ll also need to be signed into that account to watch the iPayer, but that’s a simple long press of the PS button and logging in as that user. Other than that, setting up UnoTelly is simple, head to the network settings, setup internet connection, and then select ‘custom’ when it asks how you want to setup your internet connection. From there, select automatic for everything until you get to DNS. Once there, select Manual. To find the DNS setting you need to use with your UnoTelly account, go here: and enter those into your primary and secondary DNS settings.Thats it, click through the rest of the settings and you’re ready to go. (note: to revert back to default DNS setting, just click through the steps and select automatic when you get to the DNS settings again.). With help setting up other devices such is Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, Apple TV, iPhones, iPad, Android devices and more… click here:

One thing to remember, when using a device such as an iPad / Android device and it’s connected via Wifi, you’ll need to add those DNS settings to the various Wifi connections… for example, if you setup the DNS settings on your home Wifi network and then go to visit a friends house and want to access content, you’ll need to edit your Wifi settings for their network on your device as well. This caught me out a couple of times so just thought I’d drop that in here.


UnoTelly also works with Netflix (you will need a Netflix subscription as well). If you’re coming to Ireland from the USA and wanted to continue watching your favorite show, adding UnoTelly to your device will give you access to the US Content from Ireland. UnoTelly also have a great app that you can install on your phone / tablet. Once installed, it allows you to select the region you would like to view, and it’s as simple as selecting that region, restarting the Netflix app on your device and you’ll be ‘virtually’ in that region. Which is nice!

There are hundreds of ‘channels’ supported by UnoTelly, including the RTE Player and the TV3 Ireland players, which means if you’re from Ireland and reading this in another country, the same applies to you. Setup UnoTelly and you’ll have direct access to the RTE Player and the TV3 Player to catch up on all the content from home!


UnoTelly offer an 8 day trial (you can sign up here: ) so see if it suits your needs and the DNS only plan (which is the one I use) is only $4 a month (so about 3euro), which is super affordable! There is a DNS / VPN package as well from $5 a month. There’s also no contract, so you can cancel any time.

If you have any specific questions, leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer it.


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