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Today, Apple surprised us with the announcement of the new 12″ Macbook and more details of the Apple Watch. Let’s find out what the biggest 10 things to come out of today’s event are.

1. Carplay is coming to more cars

Carplay Apple

Apple announced that every major car manufacturer has committed to launching Carplay in the future and there will be 40 cars shipping with it this year alone. With major updates expected and fierce competition from manufacturers and Android Auto, it’ll be an interesting race.

2. Your iPhone and Apple Watch is going to help a lot of people.

ResearchKit Apple

Apple is opening up it’s phones and watches to help move medical research forward. You’ll be able to share your activity with universities and researchers via apps and HealthKit. The data stays with them, not Apple and 5 apps have launched today. ResearchKit goes open source next month too.

ResearchKit Apple

3. We now have 12″ Gold Macbooks

Apple Macbook

Apple launches a redesigned 12″ Macbook today. With a smaller unibody design, processor, more storage and faster processor it’s a great upgrade. It will set you back €1,499 though.

Apple Macbook

4. Say goodbye to regular USB ports

Apple Macbook

Apple are using USB Type-C for the Macbook. This port & cable delivers video, data and power all through one wire. Headphone jacks are thankfully still a thing however.

5. Say hello to USB extension ports & cables

Apple Macbook Extension USB

If you’re planning on plugging anything into your Macbook, you’ll need an adaptor. A single USB adaptor will set you back around €20, if you want video/Thunderbolt at the same time, it’ll cost you an eyewatering estimated €79.

6. The Apple Watch was shown off again

Apple Watch Sport

With no new functionality announced bar being able to customise each watch-face and make calls from your wrist, the Apple Watch will still track your activity, give you glancable information and will try to reduce your reliance on your iPhone. It’ll also feature Apple Pay (yet to launch in Ireland).

7. We saw some of the apps you’ll be able to use

Apple Watch Instagram

You’ll be able to grab an uber, view your Instagram feed, open your hotel door and more with an Apple Watch.

8. You can get your wrists on it from April 24th from around €349-399

Apple Watch Pricing Launch Date

The Apple Watch starts from $349 meaning we’ll see a €349-399 price in Ireland. If you’re looking for a 42mm watch, add an extra €50 to that. If you want to splurge, you’ll be able to pick up a gold Apple Watch Edition for a record breaking $17,000. While Irish pricing and availability still hasn’t been announced, you’ll be able to pick it up in Belfast

Apple Watch Edition $17000

9. You’ll be charging it every day

Apple Watch Charging Battery life

With an 18 hour battery life quoted by Apple, it’s betting on you getting 8 hours sleep a night. Apple promises “All Day Battery Life” which we’re looking forward to seeing in action. The Apple Watch charges via wireless charging, which magnetically attaches to the watch.

10. Apple TV got a price cut.

Apple TV Price Cut

Arguably the best news from the event was that the Apple TV got a price cut. You’ll be able to pick one up from just €79.

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