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If you’re a fan of a certain Irish drama that rhymes with the words ‘Dove’ and ‘Gate’ then you’re in for a treat. EA Ireland have reunited two of the best characters from RTÉ’s critically acclaimed and worldwide smash drama ‘Love/Hate’ to celebrate the Irish release of ‘Battlefield Hardline’.



Battlefield Hardline: It’s Back‘ features Love Hate actors Laurence Kinlan and Kieran O’Reilly, who have reunited to bring the game to life. Here’s hoping for some Dublin based DLC! Taking a cue from Battlefield Hardline’s Hotwire game mode, the pair face off and play out their cops vs criminals fantasy in this exclusive video. Hotwire mode mixes Domination and Speed. Sounds good to us!



“are you a cop or a robber?”

Battlefield Hardline as you may know shakes up the Battlefield formula by focusing on Cops Vs Robbers in Multiplayer. This should certainly add a new dimension to the gameplay. Single-Player has arguably changed even more as instead of a typical threat, we now have an ‘episodic crime drama single player campaign’ which is shaking up to be a corker. There’s only one question left to ask…are you a cop or a robber?


Battlefield Hardline EA Access

Battlefield Hardline goes on sale Friday 20th March in Ireland on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Speaking of Xbox One, if you own one and want to get your hands on the game early, you can join EA’s subscription service ‘EA Access’ for €3.99 a month to get your fix early. There are some limitations though – you won’t be able to play past the first two missions in the single-player campaign but you’ll be able to kickstart your multiplayer career instantly with no limits on progression. The free Battlefield Hardline trial will get you 10 hours of gameplay. You’ll also get a ton of free games too. You can find out more about EA Access in our earlier posts here and here.

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