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Have you ever spent those precious seconds waiting and waiting for Netflix’s recommendations to scroll along so you can check out what you want to watch? Well, thanks to Renan Cakirerk, a developer from San Francisco, a little bookmark is all you need to make your life a whole lot easier. Well, slightly.

‘God-Mode’ for Netflix, simply puts every recommendation in a vertically scrollable list. It’s really great for skimming through your recommendations. Here’s how your recommendations normally look…

Netflix God-Mode

Before – Netflix God-Mode

and after…

After - Netflix God-Mode

After – Netflix God-Mode

A lot easier to view quickly right? Thankfully, enabling ‘God-Mode’ for Netflix is super easy to do..

How to enable ‘God-Mode’ for Netflix:

1. Make sure you can see your bookmarks or favourites toolbar.

2. Visit Renan’s site at Bit2Pixel

3. Drag the green button into your bookmark’s toolbar.

4. When you’re browsing Netflix on Desktop, hit the toolbar button for ‘God-Mode’ and voila!

Do remember, this doesn’t work on mobile, smart TVs, games consoles or tablets unfortunately! While it isn’t as pretty to look at certainly, it’s a lot easier for scrolling through Netflix. As with all things like this, there’s no guarantees that this will stick around forever, Netflix could block it. Best get watching!

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Source: Bit2Pixel

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