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Rideshare service Uber and taxi app Hailo are both offering free lifts to your local polling station this Friday, May 22 in support of Marriage Equality.

Unless you’ve been in the middle of a rainforest with no phone for the past month or two, you’ll be aware that there are two referendums taking place this friday, one to lower the age of Presidential Candidates and the other, the Marriage Equality Referendum, to allow same sex couples to access civil marriage.

Hailo #DriveforEquality

Hailo #DriveforEquality

If you register on Uber or Hailo, you’ll receive €15 credit which can then be used to go and cast your vote. Hailo requires users to register before May 21 and pre-book the time you plan to vote. Uber’s promotion runs for as long as the polls are open (7am-10pm) while Hailo’s promotion only runs from 7am-4pm.

For information on both referendums, head to for independent information or head to the Irish Times for a Q&A with the head of the Referendum Commision, Mr Justice Kevin Cross.

Register for your Uber here and register for your Hailo here.

Uber's free poll promotion

Uber’s free poll promotion

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